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Inca - Clarity and Superb Wet Gloss

Inca is part of our Artisan collection, introducing a different look to both Natalia and Aztec.

Inca is a highly reflective wax which can offer very good clarity, whilst imparting a very wet gloss. This is of particular interest to those who own car's which have a metallic flake.

Inca is a very thin wax when applying, it is not greasy due to the natural oils which are selected for their specific attributes. 

When you apply Inca, we recommend a microfibre applicator pad as this will ensure a thin coat, which you can layer to increase the reflectivity and the gloss.

Inca is naturally fragranced with the oils and waxes we use, it has a light chocolate fragrance - your nose will be delicately tickled by tropical undertones and deep complex musks. 


Inca; Clarity and Super Wet Gloss

Natalia; Excellent for darker paintwork, pleasant beading and rich gloss.

Aztec; Mirror Finish, fast sheeting

Simone ; Clarity and Reflections

Feliciana ; Sharp reflections, silvery shimmer

Carmen ; Depth of colour and Reflective Gloss

Vito ; Clear coat enhancing, luxuriously smooth

43% T1 by Volume

WARNING : Contains nut oils, do not purchase if you have any nut allergies.

Customer Reviews

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One of the easiest waxes I've come across to apply I litteraly covers a whole panel with a quater turn on a primed pad! Effortless removal I do use 2 buffing microfibers and very light pressure :wink: the finish it left on a 12 year old car was astounding I don't think my car has looked so good
I will certainly be using this on high end details for my customers

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