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100% Natural Show Car Wax, Great For Metallic Paint!

  • 200ml & 50ml
  • Electric Blue Colour 
  • Luxury Fragrance
  • Dazzling Clarity, Reflections & Wetness

Welcome to Azure, a 100% natural car wax, blended to enhance any metallic and nonmetallic paint. 

Metallic paint can be very rewarding but you need the right wax, you need a high clarity blend to ensure the metallic flake can pop through! 

When using this on a nonmetallic paint you will get a really lovely shimmering gloss, something that really has to be seen!

Azure will give you around 4-5 months protection, with regular washes - this can be enhanced by Seal or Wax+ 

You will get crystal clear paint, allowing you see flakes of metallic paint possibly never seen before with a great gloss! 

This is a 100% natural wax with no petrochemicals! 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome wax



Azure wax

I bought this wax after a youtube movie from John paising this wax. I used it just like the instuctions, however i find it very difficult to put is on, its not a easy wax to put it on the car paint, that had a complete 3 stage paint polishing. After the cure time and swipe test it was very difficult to remove, i had to spray every panel with a qd spray to get it off. Will i recommend this wax ??? I like easy on and easy off and ofcourse not every wax will do this but this Azure wax was over the limits, i have tried out maybe 30 waxes so far and maybe other Mitchell and king waxes are good but this one needs to go back to the table and change the formula, i will not recommend anyone this wax. Sorry John, this is my honest review. Hope you can do use it to make this wax little better. Not easy to apply and not easy to remove.

Hi, thanks for the message.

The wax hadn't cured, if the swipe test isn't conclusive it must be left to cure. Curing time increases due to too much wax applied, high humidity or warm air temperature.

In this case from the description, it sounds like too much wax has been applied and left for too short a time. The best remedy for this is to buff off the uncured layer and allow to cure again, this will then be very easy to remove.

I'm always happy to help either at the end of the 'phone or email if you get into difficulties.

Thanks again!


Although it is not flashy, it has a very elegant luster.

awesome wax

Since taking a chance on Mitchell and King products about a month ago I can honestly say they are the best products i have ever put on my car, This is the 4th wax i have brought and added to my collection which includes Lavender, Monza and Aurora

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