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Specifically blended for the tri-layer Ferrari paint system, ultimate clarity and metallic pop.

The Story

Ivory started life as a request by the owner of a Ferrari 575 GTB, with a special edition Red, purposely darker than the typical Rosso Corsa and also with more metallic flake and depth. This 575 GTB was the first of its type in the UK and was prepared by our Edinburgh Detailer, the first time the car would be viewed by the owner would be after the preparation of the car and wearing the new wax! 

The Blend 

We started Ivory with a very specific brief and the excitement of working on the first 575 GTB in the UK! The Red was slightly darker than the usual Rosso Corsa and has a lovely metallic flake through it. Most of our research was done via media packs as the car hadn't hit our shores, thankfully due to the high-quality images, we could understand the beauty of this paint! Not letting the excitement lead our decisions, we opted for a very unique enclosure for the LTD Edition jar, in the form of a Crystal Swarovski jar! 

This particular paint requires a wax with fantastic clarity and with no change to the colour of the paint. 

Ivory is as exotic in person as it sounds by name. Specifically developed using rich, tropical ingredients, hand harvested from highly fertile grounds.

If you enjoy using something very special, you will certainly welcome Ivory to your collection. 

Let's start with the fabulous vessel: a word often conjuring up thoughts of grandeur and un-avoidable imposing grace. Such a special and exclusive blend requires an exciting and innovative wax. 

Ivory offers crystal clear clarity teamed with super wet gloss. These characters are unique and it slot's in perfectly to our luxury collection. 

Ivory is perfect for those with both Metallic and Solid paint and is suitable for all paint finishes except for Matte. 

It is entirely natural car wax, containing no abrasives and is free from petroleum by-products. 

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What's in the box 

For the 175ml wax, you get a flight case and a plaque with your name engraved and your blend number.

How To Order ; 

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Lastly, this wax is part of our 50% refill option. You simply return the jar or we collect and refill, which costs 50% of the RRP. 

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