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Super Reflective Car Wax

  • 200ml & 50ml

  • Super Reflective Finish

  • 46% T1 Carnauba Content

  • 100% Natural Oils & Waxes

Trossachs is blended with ingredients to deliver the protection your vehicle needs with the emphasis on a super reflective finish teamed with a superb wet reflection and a beautiful aroma.

Each wax is handmade and poured to deliver the quality expected from a Mitchell & King wax.

The wax is easy to apply and you can expect protection to last between 3-4 months with regular maintenance washes.

*Description is written by Soren Serginson, a collector of Mitchell and King and wax collector.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
It's a very good Wax.

I used "Trossachs". Of course, it is done after preparing the painted surface with "Pure" and "Cloak". The temperature is 18 degrees Celsius and the humidity is low. Wax stretches well, and when I sprayed "QD" on the microfiber and wiped it off, it was very easy to wipe off. It has a good luster and has a wet finish. I was more impressed with the finish I liked than "Heather". It's a very good Wax.

Trossachs Arrives green-buffs off clean

A very noticeable, impressive reflection comes from this wax that is accurately described as one of its characteristics. I do enjoy this wax and might consider it my favorite of the waxes I've used so far.
Adieu until next review.

Nobody does it better.

Ordered the Carmen Touring Kit, it was delivered quickly without any problems. The service was excellent, one of the main reasons I keep coming back, had a small issue with the checkout but John resolved it immediately.
Top guy is John!

The wax smells lovely and and I love the flight case!
An added bonus is that with my flight case and black Audi, my neighbours now think I'm an assassin

Excellent shine

I found time to apply this to my wife's car this weekend. It's really easy to use, the trick is to get a nice thin coat - once it's cured it's a simple task to buff off the cured wax to leave an amazingly glossy finish, (think looking in a mirror it was that good) without looking cold like a sealant can. Just a lovely wax to use and a properly good looking finish.
In typically Scottish fashion, it promptly rained an hour later which was really annoying, but meant I got to check out some excellent beading.

Very nice glossy wax

I managed to get one of the last 200ml's of this wax and im glad i did. Gave the car a good clean and a going over with Pure pre wax cleaner before applying the wax. The gloss it left behind was amazing. The reflection from the car was like a mirror. I never knew silver paint could look so good. A great wax to own.

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Made in scotland

Our waxes are made in house, right here in Scotland. We use natural ingredients and use more than 10 years of blending knowledge to provide you with the very best products.


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