Glitter Car Wax

As seen on Supercars of London

Glitz returns for the first time in over 2 years. 

Aspect Valeting are relaunching Glitz and the only way to currently secure your Glitz is to have it applied professionally by Ben or one of his Team. 

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Please note the wax is a light green colour, but the glitter is either Gold or Pink depending on what you choose. 

Glitz is a non abrasive semi permanent coating which leaves either Gold or Pink flake on the paintwork. 

If being unique is your passion, then you will appreciate our newest limited edition car wax. This wax is unique due to it holding the title for the world's first glitter car wax.

The enchanting properites of this wax are what enables the decorative features to deliver a full array of flakes dancing on the surface or your finish.

Currently "Glitz" is available with Gold or Pink. These unique flakes offer pure enjoyment and an unexpected pleasure to the beholder.

Read the Press Release below for more information;

Mitchell and King have been busy creating a wax which is turning the industry on its head. They have made the first ever car wax with glitter content !

The car wax contains 100% natural ingredients and utilises the know-how of the cosmetic industry which ensures the glitter will not scratch your car.

The wax was originally designed for the owner of a Bugatti. The owner wanted a gold hue to their black paintwork, needless to say owner and chief Artisan John Johnstone started to explore every avenue and made an industry break-through when he discovered the possibility of adding glitter to car wax.

Glitz is applied in a “padding” fashion using the finger tips which reduces the movement of the glitter and eases the curing process. Glitz is currently available in Pink and Gold.


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