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Matte Quick Detailer

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Matte Effect Quick Detailer

Introducing our matte effect quick detailer, perfect for those who have any matte items on their car - whether that be a wrap, wheels or simply a few accents.

Use as a Drying Aid and Avoid Water Spots

It is very important to use a matte product when dealing with a matte finish for obvious reasons. -QD is the perfect partner for drying, cleaning or rejuvenating your finish.

Achieve a Uniform Finish

-QD is as easy to use as our normal quick detailing, it doesn't streak and leaves a perfectly uniform finish. I know that when you dry your car, you can sometimes come across "flat" and "lifeless" areas, -QD is the perfect tool to help rejuvenate these areas.

Used by Professional Detailer's

Our matte effect quick detailer is used by our network of approved detailer's due to the increase of OEM matte finish. Porsche uses matte accents on the bonnet of the Cayman and this is a perfect example of an area which will come into contact with a "normal" shampoo. Simply use the -QD to remove the gloss enhancing properties of the shampoo, or rather the non-matte properties.




Customer Reviews

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Matte QD

The same great M&K Quick Detailer but for areas with a matte finish , what more needs to be said.

Leaves a lovely finish

This qd just simply leaves a superb finish. No smearing nothing just a really glossy finish and so simple to use.

Just fantastic!

In all my years of car cleaning and detailing, finding a perfect quick detailer has always been something I've struggled with. I've tried many, some good, some not so good but still can't find a firm favourite. I've now used QD several times on my own car and also my wife's and I may have finally found the one! Lovely to use, buffs off easily to leave a beautiful finish and most importantly, no streaks! smelsl great too.

The best qd i have ever used.

I have tried so many quick detailers and never found one that I was completely happy with.
All that changed when i bought Mitchell and King QD.
Firstly the spray head gives a fantastic fine mist which means you don't use so much of it.
Then when you wipe it off the paintwork it just glides over the paint. Very little effort is needed to buff it off. The finish it leaves behind is truly outstanding, super slick, really glossy finish.
It is an absolute pleasure to use and has a lovely fragrance which is always a bonus!
Will be buying this again and again.


Having tried a huge amount of "QD" style products I can honestly say that M&K QD is one of the very best. A little go a long way, it helps aid the longevity of wax and leaves a nice clear finish.


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