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Super Gloss & Extreme Beading

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Lotus - Super High Gloss & Phenomenal Beading! A Must Have

  • Super High Gloss
  • Extreme Beading
  • Easy On/Off 
  • Total Reformulation For 2017 

If you are looking for a very hydrophobic car wax, super high gloss AND 100% natural, let us introduce Lotus.

Mitchell & King is known for blending some of the finest quality car detailing products and high quality car wax in the world. 

Do you love the little beads of water after it rains or adore turning the hose on the car to watch the beads bounce of the paintwork. Utilising the finest grade natural ingredients, Lotus is one of our most mesmerising hydrophobic car waxes that we offer. It started life as a prototype for a new ingredient, which was to prove itself indispensable. Over the coming trials, Lotus delivered time and time again, consistently displaying it's water beading attributes.

super high gloss car wax, high quality car wax

Lotus is a natural car wax, making it safe for all paint types except Matte Paint. Lotus offers sharp reflections and crystal clear clarity.

Feedback has been exceptionally positive. Lotus is easy to apply, we recommend a high quality foam applicator pad and for removal we recommend a short nap microfibre.

Each car wax is individually hand blended, in house.

Lotus is trusted by car collectors and enthusiasts around the world who opt to protect their vehicles whether it be for a Sunday drive or for the next generation.

Lotus is an amalgamation of passion, scientific research and reputation.

Here at Mitchell and King we demand, efficiency and reliability, teamed with comprehensive after sales support.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to helping you find your next car wax.

We always use Organic, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical grade ingredients where possible.




Initially, ensure the car is just washed and completely dry. The car must be out of direct sunlight, as sunlight can cause damage to your paint.

Once the vehicle is in the optimal location. Prepare the car with our pre wax cleanser, Pure. Use a soft, foam applicator and apply in straight lines.

After you have cleansed the paintwork you can commence with the wax application.

Place your foam applicator into the jar and turn clockwise once and anti-clockwise once. This will ensure an even coating of wax on your applicator pad.

Prior to applying the wax, I would like to offer two pieces of guidance. Have in your mind that you are only coating the paint, not working the wax into the paint and secondly, any wax which is applied in a thick manner will not cure effectively. Simply think that you are very gently placing a very, very thin layer of wax on the car. This allows for faster curing times and the opportunity to layer the wax within a shorter period of time.

Lightly hold the foam applicator pad on the paint and apply in straight lines, we emphaise light pressure, as you are not wanting to apply any level of abrassion to the paint. You are simply coating the paint, our car wax does not require to be "worked" into the paint. 

Our waxes are free of abrassive materials, they are for protection and aesthetics only. This offers you a very safe and highly compatible car wax for paint finishes (aside for matte paint).

Lotus can benefit for curing for 20/30 minutes. This time will change depending on the air temperature, humidity and panel temperature. We advise that after 15 minutes you pass a microfibre, lightly, over the car to remove the cured wax and present a new layer of curing wax.

Again, after another 15 minutes, you either repeat this process as often as you wish to increase reflectivity and gloss or you can remove the wax.

We reccommend a short nap microfibre, rather than a plush microfibre.


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