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Feliciana Car Wax

Super Beading, Metallic Paint Car Wax


Introducing Feliciana, a car wax blend which offers it's carer a glass like clarity and perfect beading. If you like beading, skip to 7 minutes in the video above to see what you are missing.

The metallic flake is not muted, this wax has been blended to allow the full effect of metallic flake to show through.

Feliciana is blended from outstanding natural oils, sourced from exotic destinations. These natural oils and waxes provide Feliciana with a finish which is unique and enticing. Excellent clarity and a very wet clear coat look.

This wax is stunning to apply and offers a luxurious feel when massaging into the paintwork, very easy to spread, a pea sized amount is more than ample to cover a door panel.

Below you can compare Feliciana to our other Artisan blends to ensure you receive the wax you require.


Inca; Clarity

Natalia; Excellent for darker paintwork, pleasant beading and rich gloss.

Aztec; Mirror Finish, fast sheeting

Simone ; Clarity and Reflections

Feliciana ; Great beading and clarity, great for clear coat cars

Carmen ; Depth of colour and Reflective Gloss

Vito ; Clear coat enhancing, luxuriously smooth


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

A truly epic wax for silver paint. My absolute favourite wax for silver, leaving the paint with a rich shimmer wet look gloss.. looks perfect on a summers evening as the sun is going down. Love this wax!

Smells Divine

Received my Feliciana overpour today with a free sample of spa both smell divine another quality delivery from Mitchell and King cannot wait to use them both thanks again for an excellent service


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