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Gloss, Sheeting & Curing

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The fastest curing wax we've ever offered. Lots of gloss, metallic flake and sheeting.  

A car wax which is perfect for English weather.

England car wax is specifically crafted for the changeable weather which you can encounter. Using this car wax allows you to apply multiple layers and even coat a whole car faster than previously achievable. Perfect for when you just want to "give the car a quick wash". 

When I was testing England, I could immediately see the benefits of the wax, as it was curing I could see the start of the really wet finish which I was going to reveal after removing the cured wax. 


England is enhanced with natural oils which compliment each other and work alongside each other very well. 

If you want a wax which is easy to apply, cures within 10 minutes and sheets water perfectly, I would add England to your cart today. Remember only 20 of these will be made.

Amazing colour of jar, matches the national flag. 

England has many options and kits, however, the jar is a glossy white, the wax is red with an image of the national flag on the jar. 

Each country wax features the flag of the country so that is easy to identify. 

England smells of a London, Private Members Club: Havana Cigars, Leather and Sandalwood 


What's in the box 

For the 200ml wax you also get a welcome kit which includes a Mug, 15ml wax, 50ml Liquid, two secret items and a sticker.


As with all waxes at Mitchell and King, we will use the Interlink/DPD delivery network within Europe. DPD offer a 1 hour delivery window and those of you familiar with this, will agree that it is one of the most accurate and reliable couriers within the industry. If you have any specific questions please email and we will assist you. 

UPS for America and our new fully tracked service for the South Korea. 

Other countries will be either UPS or FedEx, so you can trust your wax is in safe hands. 

Each service is fully tracked and you will get an estimated time of delivery.

How To Order ; 

Simply select add to cart and follow our secure checkout or if you prefer we can receive orders via telephone & email 


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