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Autobahn Approved

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Welcome to Deutsche, a car wax that I blended to withstand the harsh conditions of the Bavarian Autobahn. 

John is very familiar with the Autobahn within Germany as he has family both in the North and South and is aware that with the higher speed limits the debris is attacking the paint at a much higher rate. Instead of an insect hitting the bumper at 120mph instead of 70mph. 

As you can probably already tell Deutsche is perfect for daily drivers which undergo a lot of motorway or other road mileage. 

But don't let the fact that this is a protection car wax put you off. Deutsche has a phenomenal level of gloss and looks fantastic on both light and dark coloured cars. 

Deutsche 200ml is in a yellow jar, black lid, and a red wax. 

Deutsche is fragrnaced with Apple Strudel, a delightful fragrance. 

The 100ml jar is a heavy base frosted jar and includes the blue wax. Please not this jar is not coloured. 


Customer Reviews

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What an incredible wax!!

Easy on, Easy off, Smells spectacular. What more could you ask for? Deep gloss? Check. Stunning beading and sheeting? Check. If you want any or all of these, Just buy a pot and thank me later. (and thank John of course)


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