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Forum Edition

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Mitchell and King's first ever Forum Edition Car Wax. Limited Edition

No further discount available on this wax, due to the £99 price point.


#FE is a car wax we blended specifically for the Detailing World, Mitchell and King Forum Section

Each wax is numbered, signed and dated. 

Below are some of the characteristics of the wax;

  • Orange or Blue Jar with Complimenting Blue or Orange Wax
  • Tangerine Fragrance
  • 200ml Limited to 24, only 10 remaining
  • 200ml comes with DW Mug, Tunnock's & Irn Bru
  • 50ml Limited to 36, only 24 remaining
  • Show Car Wax
  • Exceptionally glossy
  • Easy On/Off
  • 3+ Months Longevity
  • Great Beading & Water Repellency
  • Highly Suitable For Daily Drivers Due To Protection
  • Very Reflective
  • Superb Clarity
  • Can Be Applied To Whole Car 
  • Short Cure Time If Needed

FE is a super wet, high gloss & longevity, car wax.

Forum Edition is a fantastic wax, and it is capable of offering you a shorter or longer curing time due to some of the natural ingredients we have used. 

You wanted the flexibility to be able to wax your whole car or have the option to remove it as you go.

FE is a really user friendly wax in the sense that it allows you to remove the wax faster or let it sit on the paint for longer.

Another great characteristic of FE is the durability and it's super high gloss. The ingredients we utilised are resilient but offer a very high gloss. 

FE pays homage to some of the gifts you receive as a Mitchell and King customer, one of the gifts that you all love is the bottle of Irn Bru and many of you have initially opted for the Orange wax colour in the Blue jar! 

If you purchase a 200ml wax (any kit) you receive a special limited edition Mitchell and King, Detailing World Mug and Tunnochs with a bottle of Irn Bru!


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