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Cardinal Car Wax

Welcome to Cardinal. A very special blend for 2016, only 2 per year available. 

Cardinal is available to refill for 50% of the purchase cost. I.e. £638.50 per refill. 


Please click the above picture to watch a short video of the final result of Cardinal. Also Please note this item is not subject to any discount codes, so please do not apply any to this item. 

There are only two available this year. 

Cardinal is one of our oldest blends and was very popular when we first launched M&K, so we have delved into our archives and have it available for the first time in over 4 years. 

Cardinal is blended from the finest ingredients and some of the most expensive natural oils in the world. 

It arrives in a secure flight case with a backup 200ml Crystal for everyday use. 

For further enquiries please email

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I purchased Cardinal after long thought and I am glad I did. John worked with me on what my desires were and crafted this fine wax. I have used other high end waxes before but none compare to Cardinal. The gloss, depth and clarity are superior to anything that I have ever used in the past. I will purchase again!

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