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Brooklands Kit

car detailing kit

The Car Detailing Kit Which Fits In Your Glove Compartment*

Wash, Polish and Wax your car with this handy little kit and then put the items back into their bag until the next time.

Satisfy your curiosity with this fabulous car detailing kit. Are you considering a Mitchell and King creation or wish to purchase something for a friend ? Brooklands is a fantastic introduction to Mitchell and King creations as it has everything to go out and start detailing you car the second it arrives. 

This detailing kit is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing that we have ever seen, we could imagine it being removed from the boot of a Rolls Royce prior to the driver taking the family for their evening meal. A quick spruce of the paintwork to ensure it is immaculate. 

Brooklands is a luxury car detailing kit which consists of a 50ml wax from the list which is accompanied by a bottle of SPA (Ph Neutral Car Shampoo), QD (Quick detailer/Waterless Wash) and a bottle of Pure (Pre wax, paint polish).

The car detailing kit is displayed within a soft leather bag. Being 100% real leather and a vintage brown, it really looks fantastic and will wear tremendously well, we have envisions of passing this down to future generations and telling them the story of how you used to spend hours on your car and your first time using a Mitchell and King wax.

*Most glove compartments 

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