Car Wax for White Cars

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Car Wax for White Cars

"Blanc is a great car wax for white cars." - YH Lee


car wax for white cars

Do you long for a car wax which provides a high gloss finish on your White Paint ? Blanc is a distinguished recipe, crafted in house specifically for you - the owner of a white car. 

Just like you, we want a car wax which provides a really glossy finish - something that can be quite elusive on a car with white paint. 

Blanc uses extravagant and highly refined ingredients. Petroleum free and completely natural, our ingredients are provided by some of the most lush landscapes around the world. 

Cars with white paint can prove difficult when trying to achieve a deep gloss finish. When we developed Blanc, our aim was to provide a deep, wet gloss finish for cars with white paint. 

We reviewed many of our blends before choosing this car wax, as it offered exactly what our clients were asking for, a deep, wet gloss finish. 

As you know White is a highly reflective colour, remember the last time you looked at your car without sunglasses ? The glare was unbearable but it lacked the depth and gloss you really wanted. Blanc encourages an environment which disperses the glare and uses the reflective surface to your advantage. 

Blanc is very easy to apply and is the best option for white cars within our glass jar range, you can expect up to 2 months of protection, ensuring your vehicle is easier to clean. 

Blanc is layerable, only requiring a few hours to fully cure before applying the next layer. 

We are responsible for blending wax for some of the most valuable and notable cars around the world, our vast knowledge and flair for car wax ensures your are in the best of hands. 

We love cars just as much as you do. 

200ml of Blanc arrives in an elegant, heavy weight, White glass jar. Remember when you spend over £75.00 you also receive our welcome pack. The welcome pack consists of a M&K mug, 15ml sample wax, 50ml sample liquid and Oreo's. 

  • Car wax for white cars
  • 200ml
  • Anti UV
  • Non Abrassive
  • Layerable 
  • 2 Month Longevity +
  • High Gloss Blend 



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