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Heavy Duty Protection

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  • Track car speciality
  • Resists high-temperature debris
  • Perfect for challenging environment 
  • c25 applications to an Mx5 sized car

Ideal for use for shows and track days, the generously-sized products can also be used as an everyday treatment. This ensures that whenever you take your MX5 for a drive, it always shines as the star of the road.

Easy to apply without compromising on the quality of the finish, from the windscreen frame to the door detail, you’ll find 25 delivers results unlike any other for the MX5


Customer Reviews

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Gear is good gear

Gear is good gear
Bought some Gear at Christmas for my partners machine grey MX5 (what a nightmare colour shows any marks and smears).
After 5,000 miles and a trip to France finally cleaned and applied the wax with a microfiber pad on to the car, in far from ideal conditions, outside during sunshine at a heatwave, amazing how easily it goes on and comes off leaving an amazing gloss with no white powder and the most amazing smell.
Next purchase will probably be a wax for winter.
Photos are from 1 coat of wax


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