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Car wax for a mazda mx5

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The Mazda MX5 is the perfect drive for the summer months but still requires protection from the elements. This head turner exudes eminence as it catches the eye of all who pass by. Here at Mitchell and king, we understand the importance of using quality products on the Mazda MX5 whether your model is a day or years old. This car really shines when afforded the best treatments which is why we developed a wax bespoke to the MX5. 25 uses a unique combination of special ingredients to nourish the car while protecting the paintwork and still delivering a high gloss shine.

Ideal for use for shows or special occasions, the generously sized products can also be used as an everyday treatment. This ensures that whenever you take your MX5 for a drive, it always shines as the star of the road.

Easy to apply without compromising on the quality of the finish, from the windscreen frame to the door detail, you’ll find 25 delivers results unlike any other for the MX5

Available in two generous sizes, the 25 and MX5 go hand in hand.

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