Car wax for a ferrari daytona

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If you are the proud owner of a Ferrari Daytona, or more aptly names, Ferrari 365 GT3/4, you know that this refined car deserves carefully handling to really shine. The epitome of style, the Daytona created a media storm in its day even being treated to its unofficial name. The interest in this powerful vehicle has never waned and today it turns heads whether in city, country or driving down the motorway. Such an iconic car deserves a high quality product that respects the unique characteristics the Daytona possesses. This is why we’ve carefully developed the Daytona wax, a car wax especially for the Ferrari Daytona and nothing else.

We used our rich experience of this model and our expertise in the car wax industry to hand create a wax that would nourish and protect. We also considered the show stopping design of the Daytona and realised the wax needed to deliver a finish that breathed complete elegance.

Daytona does all of this and more, creating a high gloss finish that makes your model stand out at any show. Protecting from the elements, you’ll find that our wax soon becomes your Daytona’s best friend.

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