Car wax for a dodge challenger

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The three generations of Dodge Challengers may all have noticeable differences but one aspect of these iconic vehicles has never changed. They’ve always been manufactured using the same materials and finishes and share the same ethos of high performance quality. It’s with the history of the Dodge Challenger in mind that we created a car wax that would complement all makes and models while delivering a high gloss shine. Our high quality car wax is completely bespoke for the challenger and no other, ensuring it brings out the best of this eccentric car.

Using a special blend of secret ingredients, our SRT wax delivers on every level. We’ve made it easy to apply by hand so you can use it for quick touch ups at a show or for a deep penetrating treatment at the weekend.
Capable of accessing all areas of every generation of Dodge Challenger, the wax will protect from the elements while working with your paintwork to bring about refined results.

Available in two generous sizes, the wax is formulated to work with any colour dodge, clear yet providing a sparkling sheen, it even brings out the stripes of the older models.

You’ll find that with SRT by your side, you’ll always own a Dodge that looks as good as the day it came off the Chrysler or Mitsubishi production line.

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