Six Custom Liquid Kit

Any 6, 1 Litres

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The Perfect Wash Kit

  • 6 x 1000ml Liquids 
  • Choice Of Buckets 
  • Choice Of Grit Guards
  • Lids For Buckets Included! 
  • Buckets are stackable and liquids can fit inside
  • Wash Mitt & Drying Cloth
  • Complimentary 25ml wax!

This is the perfect detailing kit to try out our new car detailing products! 

Our bucket is a high-quality PPC, polypropylene co-polymer that can absorb some of the impacts that a bucket will typically endure.  Copolymers have better stress and crack resistance coupled with low-temperature toughness. In real life, this translates to taking a cold bucket from the garage and filling it with hot water, the integrity is tougher than an HDPE equivalent. 

All of this accumulates to a heavy-duty, sturdy, robust, impact-resistant wash bucket. The exact characteristics which we look for when choosing our wash buckets. 

This kit will make your car easier to clean, and easier to keep clean. 


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