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Daily Driver With Gloss

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Welcome to one of our first International Collection, Britannia. 

  • Full Range Of Kits 
  • Only 8 available per year
  • Best for British Weather
  • Offers Gloss with good Protection
  • Easy ON/OFF
  • Cure time of approx. 30 minutes
  • Made In House, In The United Kingdom

A car wax specifically blended for the British climate

Britannia is blended for the British climate, offering you good longevity with a significant level of gloss. This increase in gloss ensures your car always looks great no matter the level of light. 

As you can tell from the image above the car which is wearing Britannia it has a lovely level of rich gloss. Especially highlighted by the rear quarter nearest the wall, the roof and the bonnet.  

This car wax would suit cars which are used in changeable climates or as daily drivers. You can use this wax in any country, of course, but it's main attributes are protection and gloss. 

Ensures you car looks its best at all times

British weather is well known for changing frequently and Britannia ensures your car is either well protected or shining under the beautiful sun. 

Amazing colour of jar, matches the Union Jack 

Brittania has many options and kits, however, the standard 200ml glass jar is a glossy Blue, the wax is Red and lid is White. 

Each country wax features the flag of the country so that is easy to identify. 

What's in the box 

For the 200ml wax you also get a welcome kit which includes a Mug, 15ml wax, 30ml Liquid, two secret items and a sticker.


Domestic Parcels are sent via DHL - if you have a special request we can do our best to accommodate this.

UPS for America and our new fully tracked service for the South Korea. 

Other countries will be either UPS or FedEx, so you can trust your wax is in safe hands. 

Each service is fully tracked and you will get an estimated time of delivery.

How To Order ; 

Simply select add to cart and follow our secure checkout or if you prefer we can receive orders via telephone & email 


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Civic Type (FN)

I purchased this was a while ago from john, thought i finally get round to trying it out on one of my new projects, think the wax speaks for it self very impressed


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