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Balmoral 50ml

Show Car Season

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Designed by the members of Detailing World! Approved by Professionals and Enthusiasts


  • Three luxurious fragrances and colours
  • 200ml and 50ml
  • High Gloss
  • Good Water Repellency
  • 3/4 Months Protection
  • Easy On/Off
  • Wet Look Shine
  • Very Reflective
  • Superb Clarity
  • Can Be Applied To The Whole Car 
  • Short Cure Time If Needed
  • Complimentary 50ml of Shampoo with every order!

  • A super high gloss finish

    The perfect wax for Summer! Balmoral has super high gloss, lots of clarity and crisp reflections...everything a show car should be. 


    high gloss show car wax

    Our Easiest To Apply Wax!

    Balmoral is very easy to apply, as you can see from the video you can apply it by hand, microfibre pad or by dual action polisher! Balmoral is one of our softest,  waxes- making it a joy to use.

    High Gloss Car Wax

    Soft waxes are synonymous with increased gloss, this is due to the high content of natural oils which cure hard and don't flash/haze. 

    Layer Up

    Balmoral is very easy to layer, simply spritz with water or QD and apply your next layer! Increase gloss and beading with every layer...


    We've pushed the longevity of Balmoral to the point of offering you the best longevity and show car shine! Remember there are only 7 days to get your 25% discount.

    New Protection Glove

    Our first ever wax with the brand new M&K silk glove, protect your creation from general wear and tear by displaying it in a handmade silk pouch.


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