Aurora & Fortitude

Concours & Longevity

Introducing two our newest blends in a handy aviation case. Individually numbered and presented with your name engraved on the brass plaque. 

Aurora is our concours style blend and we only produce 30, 200mls per year and each comes complete with a hand engraved plaque which has your name and blend number on it.

Only 45, 200ml's Fortitudes are blended per year and each is presented with a hand engraved plaque with your name and blend number.

Aurora (the concours wax)

Concours is a well balanced blend of gloss, reflectivity and pharmaceutical grade T1 Carnauba flakes, without a doubt making it one of the finest Concours waxes available.

As with all waxes at Mitchell and King, this wax is carefully hand prepared and hand poured, we blend small amounts at a time - our concern leans toward quality rather than quantity.

When you use a wax like Concours it is evident that you are part of something substantial, the blend oozes luxury and refinement - from the natural fragrances of the blend to the quality of finishing.

One of the most astounding features is the level of gloss and depth. You can see from the video that the colour accuracy in the reflections and the depth: that this is a very special wax.

Even though we have T1 Carnauba car wax within this blend, one of the hardest natural waxes available, it is still very easy to spread and removes with a high quality microfibre.

At certain angles the paint looks like chrome due to the fact that it is so reflective and face on it has sublime depth.

Fortitude (the longevity wax)

A brand new blend and our first ever Hybrid. An amalgamation of natural ingredients as well as some of the toughest polymers available.

Fortitude affords the owner a super glossy finish, with excellent depth. The wax contains cosmetic ingredients which are renowned for their rejuvenating and nourishing qualities - ensuring that your car is well protected from the harsh environment.

We have included ingredients from The Philippines, Western Africa, Australia and Italy. A beautiful mix which sits perfectly alongside one another. Some of these ingredients have been in products since the time of the Greek philosophers, a nod to the alchemists that have lived before us.

Each wax plaque is personalised with your chosen name and the blend number. Such as, Glen Johnson 1 of 45.

We have only blended 45 Fortitude's for this year, our ethos has always been quality over quantity.

Fortitude was given 15 minutes to cure, but you can leave this much longer. The hybridisation process makes this a very flexible wax, I tested both long and short curing time - with the long edging it in the looks department.


This is the perfect kit for those looking for a wax for summer and a wax for winter. Available in both 200ml and 100ml sizes.

Simply select your size and we will arrange the engraving of your plaque.

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