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All Purpose Cleaner For Cars

Can be diluted upto 150 times !

Welcome to APC, our renowed all purpose cleaner. 

Useful to break down stubborn grim and grease. Can be used externally and internally. 

Dilute to your requirements ; 

Use 5 : 1 for breaking down grease and wax 

Use 10 : 1 for carpets and plastics 

Use 150 : 1 for use on exterior parts 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
a little goes a long way

i was surprised to see a recommendation to dilute 1:20 with water for general cleaning of the interior of my car, thinking it would not be strong enough to make any difference.
wrong- this container of the pure, undiluted solution will last forever! 1:20 is all you need for general cleaning, including the foot panel on the bottom of the car door where it gets really scuffed and grimy. it really works very effectively and definitely leaves a great clean scent. good stuff fo sho !

Everyone should have some of this

A great APC, so many different uses. Very effective and you dont need a lot of it to get the job done. Last used it to clean up the DA’s after machine polishing the car. So many different ways to use it and should be in everyone’s arsenal.
Bery pleased with the purchase and yet another great product from M&K.


Just got APC from Mitchell&King about 2 weeks
ago impressive stuff used it on about 5 cars so far and not disappointed, will be ordering more soon

A Must Have

Having used APC on my engine bay, shuts & tyres I have found it to be a great multi purpose product that cleans well, is easy to use and gives great results. Definitely a must have for the detailing collection.

A Perfect Cleaner

Received a small bottle of this with an order , thanks John.
Used so far in the engine bay and it works great. The high dilution rates make this another great value product and the customisable fragrance just makes it more of a pleasure to work with.
Will definitely be ordering a full size bottle.


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