Car Wax for a Ferrari Enzo

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2002 is a car wax blended for Ferrari Enzo owners.

As you are aware the Ferrari Enzo is available in a striking range of colours. This particular blend of wax was crafted for the infamous Rosso Corsa; which is an Italian racing colour. If you own a different colour of Ferrari Enzo, we can adjust the blend specifically to accommodate your colour.

When discussing options of clarity and richness we were keen to further illuminate and boost the richer Red. The Enzo which 2002 is primarily designed for is driven in a variety of conditions and knowing this, we suggested the use of one of our cosmetic grade ingredients which enhances the protection. We expect you should retain around 4 months protection from this creation.

2002 possesses a distinctive, luxurious fruit fragrance and is a soft wax containing natural oils making for an easy and excellent application. 2002's curing time is exceptionally quick due to the high amount of pure wax and its hydrophobic properties are very impressive. 

You can apply 2002 to a wide range of paint types, 2002 is particularly good for those with a solid colour with a clear coat on top.

We offer upgrades on all of our creations, we can upgrade your wax to an Aluminium Jar, please contact john@mitchellandking.co.uk to discuss the options.

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