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Car Air Freshener

Car Air Freshener

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Car Air Freshener

Cologne for your car...

"A stunning fragrance that just keeps getting compliments and lasts for a long time, just hide your bottle so others don't ask for a spray! Good luck in selecting your fragrance, it took me over an hour to decide!" - Jamie S

Let's start by looking at the fragrances, a great choice, the scents are unsurpassed and not unlike what the great perfumers around the world would utilise.

11 is available in an utterly divine range of fragrances which are safe for use in your home or car. 

Many of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of an air freshener which offers the fragrance of an Eau de Toilette. 11 can be kept in the glovebox making it even easier to use whenever the need arrives. I know I have used my 11 in my gym bag and I have a selection of fragrances for use in the home. 

To order, simply select your fragrance from the drop down menu.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic grade air fresheners, some of which are allergen free. All of our fragrances utilise natural oils and only use the finest fragrance molecules, much like you would find in luxurious designer fragrances.

We have two brand new kits available! Take a look; 

Please click here to visit Royal Collection (set of 3):




Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Everything about this airfreshner is quality.

Air Freshener

Great fragrance
Long lasting and stylish!


I have tried so many air freshners most get used once or twice and then I stop using them as they just smell awful. I chose Mitchell and King's cologne fragrence based on others reviews. It is a quality smell and I shall be using the whole bottle! Might check out some of the other fragrences too.

Your recipe has changed - Cologne.

I bought your cologne fragrance for the first time around February of this year. I really liked it and had many positive comments from passengers. However, as I had a tiny bit of the old one left, this recent purchase is definitely different. It’s still pleasant enough but nowhere near as good as the old one.

Hi Joss, thanks for the review. I've emailed you to organise a replacement bottle, this sounds as though the fragrance has oxidised. Our recipe has remained the same for 8 years...why change a good thing, right? Thank you for your purchase!
Fantastic Scent - Cologne Leather

By far the finest air freshener I have used, a fantastic scent and lasts for days. It would have been 5 stars but unfortunately the spray bottle had leaked in the post. I will buy again.


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