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About Mitchell and King

Mitchell and King are a prominent provider of superior finishers and car waxes within the luxury product establishment. The first Mitchell and King car wax was blended carefully by hand with a view to creating incredible results. Using luxury, refined ingredients, sought for their properties and purity, Mitchell and King promised to provide the perfect wax for enthusiasts around the world.

When this was attained, word spread and Mitchell and King became a name synonymous with the most impressive cars on the market. Known for an attention to detail, engineering expertise and experience, our creations are now delivered around the globe. We are proud to have so many enthusiasts across the many corners of the globe.

Today, Mitchell and King still retain the ethos of blending the highest quality ingredients to deliver bespoke car wax for classic and modern cars. Our luxury car waxes are available to order online,email and telephone. We hope to speak with you soon.