Seven Facts About Porsche

Seven little known facts about Porsche

As all Porsche super fans will appreciate it can feel as though there are continually new things to learn and appreciate about what is one of the world’s most respected car maker. So with that in mind I’ve decided to dig out seven little known facts about this brand in a bid to enlighten and entertain in equal measure.


  1. Porsche - A brand that was based in agriculture, as well as within the super shiny world of supercars

There’s very little debate around which genre of car that Porsche finds itself in, and over the last 50 years this now iconic badge has been consistently seen as a favourite for speed and style motoring enthusiasts.

However what many may not know is that Porsche actually mastered the realm of agricultural machinery alongside their sporting car models, such as the Porsche 356. Unfortunately Porsche’s manufacturing of tractors came to an end come the ceasing of the Second World War. We can but imagine a world should they have continued, with tractors potentially passing the bog standard car rather than causing tailbacks and curses from motorists stuck behind.


  1. Porsche’s make-up could have been decidedly different

Most people, even those who are anything but car enthusiasts, know Porches to be rear engine, however the first Porsche prototypes were actually mid-engine.


  1. The Porsche 911: Bestselling super car of all time, most iconic motor of the decade and… a getaway ride for ‘Gangnam Style’ star Psy?!

There are many things that Porches may be attributed with, however the 911 has recently had a further and most unlikely claim to fame as a getaway ride for northern Korean star Psy who, following a serious prang involving a Rolls Royce, a bus and his Porsche used his 911 as his getaway ride.


  1. There was a four wheel drive Formula One Porsche… that never saw a single race

Packing in a serious punch with 385 hp and a top speed over and above 200 mph the Porsche 360 Castalia looked set to shake up the world of formula one… particularly as it was to be the first with four wheel drive. However following change in F1 rules this car never actually got see a single race date.


  1. Porsche helped the Dutch police officially become the fastest force in the world… at least for a little while

The Porsche 356 helped the Dutch police catch plenty of criminals in the time that they served as the force’s standard issue cop car; Porsche even continued productions specifically for the force for an entire year following the ceasing of official production.


  1. The Porsche 911 was very nearly the Porsche 901

Arguably the most famous supercar in the entire world the 911 could very well have been the Porsche 901 if it weren't for Peugeot’s objection (who are known for their use of 0 as the second number in for their car models).


  1. Porsche are pretty awesome at Forklift trucks too

In another surprising area of manufacturer Porsche also seem to be pretty awesome at designing and producing forklift trucks under the Linde brand name (and they have plenty of awards to show for them too!).


So that’s it… seven little known facts about the amazing brand that is Porsche. And if you have a must know titbit of information that you think should feature here, leave a comment, I’d love to hear all about it.