Car Rallys In The U.K. and The Rest of The World

The Five Best Car Rally Events in the World

For the passionate car enthusiast there can be no better an experience than being part of a car rally; and from the meticulous classic car restorer right through to the supercar owner, there’s truly a rally for each and every car lover. Here we take a look at five car rally events in the world, which include everything from supercars through to outright bangers.

1. The Gumball 3000 Rally
This rally generally consists of around 120 drivers of some of the world’s most impressive super cars. Travelling upon public roads this rally can truly be considered as the wild child of such events as parties are held on each of the seven nights.

2. The Gold Rush Rally
The Gold Rush Rally makes for another internationally renowned event that is home to some of the world’s most beautiful super cars. Along the route from San Diego through to Miami drivers can look forward to a series of luxurious five star hotels. The Gold Rush Rally is also as well known for its star guests as it is for its cars. Known to have more than 3 Bugatti’s take part in the rally, very special indeed.

3. The Scottish Malts
The Scottish Malts Rally is known as the Reliability Trial and features competitors driving an extensive range of classic cars in all of their vintage glory. The event begins and ends at one of Scotland’s most prestigious golfing resorts with 2015 being the turn of the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.
To compete within this rally drivers must have a car that was built before 31st December 1981 with the entrants covering a course that runs over both private and public land. Along the way drivers will encounter various terrains and a route that is subject only to a pretty relaxed time schedule.

4. The Rally 1000 Miglia
The Rally 1000 Miglia is a rally that is ran in recognition of the Mille Miglia endurance rally race that took place between 1927 and 1957. Today’s rally makes for a unique event upon the rally calendar and has built up quite the loyal following over its thirty year history. Taking place in Italy this is rally that has become a symbol of Italian automotive excellence.

5. The Crumball Rally
No rally list would be complete without a novelty entrant and here we have the Crumball Rally, which is home to some of Europe’s wackiest classic and budget banger cars.
This event is also unique owing to the high proportion of drivers who take part for charity and the rally itself has various events throughout Europe. This year’s rally is split into two, with the Italian Job running from the 19th of June through to the 21st and allowing for Banger and Ragtop entrants; and the second event being the Great Escape which is running from the 18th of September through to the 20th and allowing for Banger cars only. The former race covers France, Switzerland and Italy and the latter race covers France, Belgium and Germany.