Car Detailer in Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham - Aspect Valeting

We are always pleased, but never surprised, when other business people in the car industry recognise the superior quality and finish of our waxes.

This week, this respect goes out to Aspect Valeting, the major detailer in the Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham and the surrounding areas. Ben the owner of Aspect Valeting has started to use our waxes in order to deliver a superior finish to his client’s cars.

We’re proud to have Ben as a valued member as he encompasses our ethos of high standards, superior service and bespoke solutions. Ben is so passionate about his car detailing craft, he never lets another carry out the work as he believes only he can maintain the standards his valued clients have come to expect.

Despite being the favoured detailer in the Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham, Ben, like us, always seeks out ways to improve. One way he’s done this is by incorporating our luxury waxes into his packages, as he has found these improve the overall finish and are a joy to work with every day.

Ben serves many throughout the Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham, from those who have a collection of cars worth hundreds of thousands, to those who simply believe in treating their vehicle to the best possible care. Many of his clients use his services on a regular basis as he ensures the car always looks amazing, and every inch is protected while being free of any corrosive debris.

Quite simply, he keeps your car looking like the day it was launched, ensuring you feel that “new car” thrill every time you take it for a spin.

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Our Ambassadors Club

Aspect Valeting are now part of our prestigious Ambassador’s club as they not only use our waxes for their clients, they also mention our brand on their site and let their customer’s know how they’ve achieved such a shine.

This graciousness of course, has not gone unnoticed and so we’ve made Ben an honorary member of our club where he’ll now receive a legion of benefits for his business.

The benefits include:

  • No Membership Fee – Despite the increased exposure, the savings and the commissions available, there is absolutely no membership fee.

  • Exclusivity of the Area – Ben will now be the only detailer in the Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham that can boast of approved member status with Mitchell and King. We only take on one ambassador per region.

  • Bespoke Waxes – As an ambassador you can choose the fragrance, and finish of your wax making it completely unique to your business, allowing you to add your very own white label spin. (With accreditation to Mitchell and King).

  • Extra Exposure – You gain extra exposure to some of the most influential car owners in the world as you receive free advertising on our website, in our materials and through our searches, so when our elite clients visit us, they learn about your detailing services too.

  • Our clients use us to search for detailers by area and we only recommend one per region. Is your region covered.

  • Direct Line – As a valued member you receive a direct line to our CEO, giving you advice from the top at all times should you need it.

These are just a few reasons why detailers are rushing to secure their region with Mitchell and King. If you’re a detailer who is proud of the supreme service you give your clients, join Ben in our ambassadors club and become approved with us.