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Hi all. So finally got around to using some of the M&K waxes iv been buying. This one is of Trossachs recommended by John from my collection to be used on my Silver 645 vert.

The car has already had a full decontamination earlier on this year so this time it was prepared with: Snow foam, rinse, wash and dry, glass prepared with polish and sealant, exhaust tips cleaned etc etc.

Pure was applied with a DAS 6 pro + on speed 2 . First time i have used Pure and was taken back as to how good it is. It leaves a lovely glossy finish while cleaning the paint further of any contaminants. You could see the dirt coming off even though the car was given a good clean. This has got to be one of my favourite products now and have used this on a fair few other cars since.

A picture with Pure applied:

The wax was very easy to apply, only loading a very small amount on the MF pad supplied. A small application goes a long way. As it was a fairly hot day i left the wax to cure for just under an hour (i was checking every 10 minutes just to make sure ). So went inside and cleared up a bit and had a cup of coffee before i went back out to remove the cured wax. Wiped away the residue and it came of very easily leaving behind a finish iv not been able to achieve on a silver car before. Il let the pictures be the judge:

Bear in mind the clouds were out covering the sun by this point so the reflection shots could have been better. Iv got to say next time il be reaching for Trossachs again next time i wax a silver car.

More reviews to come

Thanks for reading.

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Photographs and review provided by Labour Of Love Detailing :