How to use your new M&K wax

The best guide to applying car wax

Hello, thanks for taking a look. I will explain how to get the best from your new M&K wax. 

Our waxes cure hard and have relatively low evaporation which is the key to a great looking finish, more product remains on your paint. 

  1. Spritz microfibre pad with QD (don't use foam pads) 
  2. Apply the wax to 1/3 of the pad 
  3. Spread wax over panel, if it's your first time you can start with one panel to get a feel for the wax. 
  4. Ensure the wax has been spread very thin, you should still be able to see your metallic flake and only see the odd trace of wax
  5. Depending on the wax you purchased will dictate the curing time. For instance, as a general rule, waxes under £90 cure within 10 minutes, whereas our core and luxury waxes, please allow to cure for upto 30 minutes, this is a generalisation and will depend on your climate. Humid climates will take longer. 
  6. Swipe your finger and if the wax swipes clean, then it is fully cured - you can now remove with a microfibre which has been spritzed with QD.
  7. If the wax isn't cured due to over application, follow the next step
  8. Spritz microfibre with QD and gently pass the microfibre over the paint, very little pressure is required, we are just removing the "uncured layer" 
  9. Leave for a further 15/20 minutes and then repeat step 6. 

I have included a video to assist you.