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A really nice product. It doesn’t have that nasty and oily feeling that other products have. I don’t know about the durability yet, but overall I’m very happy and will one of my first priorities for leather car.

Quick Detailer

Used this for clay blocking my wife's car, works wonders! Could do with a spray head though

Time for Seal

A perfect opportunity for Seal on our customers car . Very easy to use with a rewarding outcome. Thanks Mitchell and King.
Refined Automotive Detailing

Decon Shampoo
Neil Bray
Stripped my LSP with ease

I recently used M+K Strip Decon shampoo prior to doing a full decon on my wife's new Clio in prep for a coating.
50ml into my wash bucket, loads of suds and it glided across the paint with ease.
Rinsed off with an open hose to find my previous LSP sheeting abilities were no more so it's worked a treat
Great product as always from M+K

Car Air Freshener
Joss Powick
Cologne Air Freshner

Classy fragrance that I find is much better than the usual air fresh scents. Seems to last fairly well and is well priced so good overall value.

Zest Limited Edition Wax

Excellent service and another quality product from M&K. Thanks.

what a awesome shine and wet look to my paint

I have only put one coat of December one on the car quite pleased with the shine the wet look a very good Michelin king product

Scott W
1st time using Mitchell & King Products

Sunday hobby cleaning cars. Really impressed with the product's I ordered especially the Amalfi wax. Easy to apply after watching the guide, took around 15 mins to cure then buffed off with a cloth. Only time for one coat.The owner was shocked at how good their car now looks! Look forward to using more products. Cheers Scott.

Brilliant results and easy to use

Having been so impressed with M&K Oxford wax I took the plunge and put in an order including amongst other products the glass detailing kit. Amazingly my order was delivered in two days! All perfectly packed in separate sealed bags, with two brilliant and free waxes!
John has made some brilliant helpful videos, including one for the glass detailing kit. The kit comes with all three M&K glass products. Clear, Flawless and Vision. It also comes with three applicators, a glass cloth an two polishing cloths.
I followed the steps shown in John’s video and now have clean glass like I have never had before. I started with Clear, this is the glass cleaner. I thought I had cleaned my car, but when I was using clear the applicator soon showed how much grime is actually left on the glass even though I had washed it! Next I used flawless to polish my now clean glass. What a difference. My car is far from new, using flawless my glass was polished to perfection, and looking best it has done for some time.
Finally I used Vision to seal in all my hard work. Over the years I have had a lot of different experiences using glass sealants. Most of them not good, so I don’t normally bother. Vision is so easy to apply and buff up that using glass sealant is now back on my routine.
It has to be said that the majority of high street car cleaning and detailing products smell pretty poor. So poor in fact I’d rather not use them. My experience of M&K waxes and products so far has been completely the opposite. They either have little or no scent or they smell great. Seems like a small detail, but when your spending the day getting up close I know which I prefer.
So would I buy the kit again? Unreservedly Yes. It’s a great collection of everything you need to get great results. All the liquids are easy to apply and buff off easily with no dusting or smearing. All the glass was left brilliantly clear giving me the best results I’ve had for ages. Because you only use a little of each product the kit actually works out to be economical that most of the high street brands I’ve used before, so winner all around.
After getting the glass looking great, I stepped back admiring my work with a brew and a Tunnocks caramel wafer kindly included in my delivery by Dave. Thanks Dave, that’s a lovely touch.

MF Wash
The best product on the market

It would seem that there's nothing to talk about - laundry detergent. The cheaper the better. Not so. M&K surprised me once again.
Apart from the cool colour and very pleasant smell, I was amazed by the results - microfibres and towels were not so perfectly soft and clean even immediately after unpacking. A feeling of sterility and plush softness. Well done, thank you!

There's no such thing as too much glitter

Continued my acquaintance with M&K products. Previously applied 2 coats of Honey, a week ago. At this Saturday's wash I decided to apply Glase v2 on top. For myself, I have realised that M&K has no bad products. But every composition needs to be understood. And follow the instructions on the bottle (although, frankly, they are not well written)
At first I tried to apply it with the applicator. But at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius after a couple of minutes Glase starts to leave streaks. Therefore, as it is written in the instructions, I took a microfibre and applied the product directly on the body, in small areas and immediately spread it with a dense microfibre. And literally at once I spread it with a fluffy microfibre to a perfect shine. Once I understood the product, I began to enjoy the work and its results.
This is something outstanding! Easy to spread, deep, soft shine. It smells so good that you want to use it again and again. Great!
The surface after Glase is not the most slippery, I must say, but decent. What's up with the hydrophobic properties - I'll see next Saturday. After Honey I unexpectedly got very decent results for water repellent properties. Once again pleasantly surprised.
All in all, I am very, very satisfied. Definitely I recommended it.

Gareth Dick
Honey v3 wax

This wax i ordered was very well packaged up. I even got a tunnock caramel log. That was a lovely gift. I have read great reviews of this wax and really look forward to trying it. Speedy free delivery too. I am well impressed and will definitely be making more purchases in the future. Thank you very much.

Quick DetailerV2
Phil Needham
One of the best!

A really easy to use QD which gives a great level of gloss and a little staying power too! My only criticism is the smell - not at all a fan of the cologn scent. Microfibres still smell of it even after a long wash.


Applying Grace on Mercedes? Why not.Great combination with Titan.Easy on/easy off. Just see the photos and video.

Luxury 30ml Billet Jar
Andrew Murray

I have got quite a few of Mitchell and king waxes. What can I say.
They is not a bad one amongst them. Jordyn is the by far the best wax I have ever used in my life. I only used it sparingly and the finish was sublime. Thank you again Mitchell and king

Daniel Reeves
Excellent cleaner

My new go to glass polish replacing AutoGlym glass polish (dusty and strong smelling) and Autofinesse Vision (encountered removal difficulties). Easy on/off, no dust, very good cleaning power and not as strong smelling as others.


RPM I ariginaly as & 50 ml & used it on my customer Porsch & was blown away at the finish so I ordered a 200ml to add to my collection of m& k waxes & products

Titanium Billet Jars
Graeme Marshall
Albert Billet Jar

Purchased during the Easter Sale, have yet to use the wax but the package was up to the usual excellent M&K standard.

Very poor performance for an alleged Daly Driver wax

Miserable service life

After a tour of approx. 800 km, the bike was already dead after the first hand wash. No water beads or sheeting.
Very poor performance for an alleged Daly Driver wax

Graeme Marshall

Applied mid-May, in full sun, to the entire car; having applied and removed an application of Pure. Removal with the short knap of a Kensington microfiber, then a final buff with the longer knap.
My wife applied the wax, her first time applying an M&K wax; it went on a little 'thick' but no issues on removal.
A very pleasant wax to use.

In the beginning, I didn't believe the concentration

I got the shampoo as a gift in my first order - a small bottle, 50 ml. The second order still has a full bottle on its way )
It is indicated that the concentration is 1:1000. That's only 15 ml for my bucket. How can that be?
Nevertheless, followed the instructions. The car was not very dirty, so the risk is not great. As a result - cool, stable foam, good lubricating ability - glides on the body, easy to rinse off.
What was missing was the fragrance. It's not there at all. Maybe, of course, it's my nose and the consequences of Covid, but I haven't complained about the rest for a long time. I wish there was at least a fragrance. Even a light one. And so - quite a worthy competitor for CarPro Reset - for comparison today washed with it. Feelings and results are the same.
M&K - a good job for a small company!

Thank you very much for the kind review! The sample 50ml's are unfragranced, you can however, pick from a host of fragrance for a full production size! Happy detailing.

Nice but not perfect

I'm writing a review after the second use. I was a little disappointed the first time, but it turned out better.
The thing is that you expect perfect ease of use from QD. In this case it is not 100% so. The product is a bit sticky when using, literally a little bit, reminding me of sealant. But once you get used to it, which I did the second time, everything becomes good - very quickly the surface becomes smooth and slippery.
Another thing is the smell. It's not that. It's not that at all. I wouldn't say it's unpleasant. Just some kind of average chemical, like a cheap laundry gel. I think the product needs some work.
But in the end, it's good, adds slipperiness to the wax.

Thanks very much for the email, it sounds like there was something on the paintwork/shampoo as QD is a very slick and easy to use product. QD might have lifted something from the paint and that's why the second time it was easier to use. The fragrance is a 'Soapy' aftershave, sadly it's not Armani or Creed but pleasant all the same.

Crema v2 - first acquaintance with M&K products

Recently received my large order. Crema V2 wax was like a gift. It was applied in 2 coats on my 9 year-old GTI, a week apart.
I am delighted : nice fragrance, pleasant application, relatively easy to remove residue, stunning shine at the end. Very hydrophobic surface in addition.
Finished with QD, which added a smoothness to the bodywork.
Did not like the use of the microfibre applicator. A good foam pad is more comfortable to work with. But this is subjective.
M&K guys - you are the best )
Greetings from Ukraine!


Easy to apply and remove.
Gloss perfect

Dual Action Polisher
Bryan steedman
Used once

Polished my car when I bought it it’s been lying about for a while out of warranty when I went to use it last week it doesn’t work at all dissatisfied

Sorry to hear this, we don't have any other communication from you to reach out personally, however, I still happy to help. I would check things like brushes or fuse, these don't like damp conditions and this may remedy your problem.