Review, Car wax | Heather- Heavy Duty Winter Car Wax

Hi All,

Another review, this time using Heather wax. It is described by Mitchell and King as: “A Heavy duty winter car wax that has a high wax content and easy to use. The oils used harden over time and you will find the wax improves over 24/48 hours. It is described as a wax for someone who wants protection on their daily driver but doesn’t want to lose the gloss and finish from a carnauba wax”.

How I found it: In the cold climate I was using it in, it was initially hard to load up the pad, but once the wax warmed up slightly it was as easy to use as any other Mitchell and King wax iv used in the past. Spreads very easy, removal requires little effort and leaves the paintwork smooth to the touch. The gloss levels are fantastic with this wax. For such a hard wearing wax usually gloss levels take a hit, but I did not find that to be the case here.

Note: all pictures taken on my mobile phone with no editing.

A shot before application of the wax:

Some shots after removal:

Paint flake pic:

A few more pics:

As you can see from the pictures, flake pop has not been muted, gloss and reflection levels are phenomenal and what you cant see is how smooth the paintwork feels to touch. A wax that should be in any detailers arsenal.