10 Audiophile Songs

"You are the music while the music lasts." - T.S. Eliot

Recently I embarked on an exploration to identify some noise cancelling headphones which I required for my upcoming trip. This exercise opened my eyes, or rather, someone else opened my eyes to the difference between listening to music as opposed to simply hearing music. Consequently, Consequently I decided to compose this blog to share my experience with others. 

Music is a very personal choice and I would be the first to admit that some of these tracks may not secure a permanent place on my playlist. However, their compositions were more most effective at anaylising the range of the headphones.

The first track is Blue Train by Jone Coltrain (1957) this was suggested for its treble, depth of definition and live stage recreation.

The second track is Take Five by Dave Brubeck Quartet this again is an interesting piece, the patter of the brushes the depth and clarity of the Saxophone.

The third track helped tested the pace of the headphones, Vivaldi - Le Quattro Stagioni. A challenging request due to the pace. 

The fourth track takes us on a journey of depth and bass with the added sweetness of female vocals. I also found the Piano reverberation quite interesting. As you can see we are now focusing on such small details to narrow down the choice.

The fifth track was chosen due to it's levels. Interestingly those of you who enjoy Kings of Leon will notice some similarities with respect instrument and vocal obscurity. Broken Social Scene- You Forgot It In People

The sixth track is an enjoyable bass orientated track with some classic ZZ Top thrown in for good measure. ZZ Top - My head's in Mississippi. Typical rough vocals backed by guitar riffs you find yourself playing on your electric guitar.

I suppose one could state, that this could last a lifetime as there is such an array of tracks.

We would be interested to hear your favourite track simply email here and we shall add it to the list.