22 Reasons Mitchell and King should be your next wax purchase

"The pinnacle of car care."

1. Your car wax is specifically blended for your requirements. What this
means is your car wax is the best match you can possibly source for your
car. Each creation is individually poured by our chief artisan to ensure total
accuracy and exclusivity.
2. Every blend is individually inspected by our chief artisan and is only released
when it fulfils your brief.
3. There are more than 100 fragrances which we hold in stock, promising a
unique and exclusive car wax fragrance .
4. We only use pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade ingredients to ensure
both you and your carriage work’s safety.
5. We are trusted and chosen by the owners of some of the most rare and
exquisite collections around the world. Our first client was Beverly Hills
Porsche and we made a wax for one of the Aston Martin’s in Casino Royale.
6. Chief artisan John R. P. Johnstone is available for consultation within the
privacy of your own home, anywhere in the world.
7. Your car wax can cure and work in low temperatures as it is wholly
blended in The United Kingdom.
8. Your wax development is based on scientific research, which has allowed
us to discover the core ingredients which impact the final look and in turn
offer you the most applicable wax for your carriage work.
9. Prior to your wax departing, we engrave a solid brass plaque with your
name, colour of your vehicle and identity number, for when you require a
10. Most of our clients own waxes which are bespoke to their motorcars, it
is very rare for two clients to own the same wax.
11. We only blend one wax at a time, to ensure complete concentration and
the best result.
12. Your car wax is tailored to your specific paint type, ensuring your car wax
perfectly compliments your paintwork and maximises the motorcars beauty.
13. When you commence a bespoke creation, you are in the most knowledgeable
hands. John R.P. Johnstone is responsible for crafting limited creations for Beverly
Hills Porsche, Aston Martin Edinburgh, Rolls Royce Edinburgh, Ferrari Edinburgh,
Lamborghini Edinburgh, Aston Martin SA, Porsche SA, McLaren SA, Rolls Royce
SA and his discerning clientèle around the world.
14. As your car wax is specifically blended for you, it ensures that the wax is
easier to use, more rewarding and in many cases longer lasting.
15. Each car wax is presented within Aluminium, Marble or Crystal enclosures
and is refillable for 50% of the initial investment cost.
16. When you commence with Mitchell and King, you possess all the control
and deal directly with our chief artisan, who shall guide you through the process
whilst allowing you creative freedom.
17. Each car wax is blended in an 1850’s coach house, surrounded by the idyllic
Trossach National Park, our creations are a resultant of our premier surroundings.
18. Mitchell and King give you the creative freedom to design every detail, from
the carnauba content, the colour, fragrance and receptacle.
19. We only use natural fruit and seed oils, teamed with the finest pharmaceutical
grade waxes. Anything less would not meet our standards.
20. Isn’t it pleasant to meet an establishment which is as enthusiastic as you
are ?
21. We are dedicated to producing the finest car care products in the World.
Why not ‘phone John today and mention Vantage for a 10% discount. Discover
one of Britain’s best kept secrets. 01877 365005
22. Applications are available from £150