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wax plus

one of the best sealants I have used

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Ian Haslum
Lovely wax

This goes on easily and after leaving to cure for at least 30 mins it comes of easily with no dust or cloth build up.
It leave a superb finish.
Very happy with this.

Microfiber Wash Detergent
Neil O’Donnell
Microfibre Wash

Left the cloths really clean and soft well worth buying much better than regular washing powder etc

Easy to use wax

This was the first time I've used M&K waxes. Emperor has done everything I was told it would do. It left me a great deep, wet look. I used it on top of Heritage for a little bit of filling, which both did. I'm looking forward to now using all the other waxes from M&K as well.

It's also refreshing to have the customer service behind the products and you can't beat the international shipping. It takes me longer to get domestic shipments than it takes to get my orders from M&K across the big pond...

Mitchell & king very easy to work with, put an order in the next day it had arrived.

I've ordered waxes with this company on many occasions, top class waxes and other items. Would recommend mitchell & Kings to any one.

Lavender | 1 of 50
Heriberto Ramirez
Lavender Car Wax

Just used the Lavender Wax on my 2010 LS460 obsidian black. Wax looked amazing. High gloss, dripping wet look for sure. Prepped with Pure Pre-Wax and Titan polish. Lavender Paste Wax was everything I read and more. I recommend this wax for anyone who wants to give their car a mirrored glossy finish. This product is a MUST for the United States.

les orvis
Very Handy

I was needing a microfibre cloth to remove surplus
leather cleaner from my car seats and Handy fits the bill.
Highly recommended

Luxury Car Air Freshener
11 Cologne

I bought a Parfum for the car which is called 11 cologne! Is just fantastic ,nice smell .My wife love it as well 😃

Blu me away

WOW. My 18yr old paint looks great. Just tried it on the bonnet initially, but the rest of the car will be done before the weekend. Spa, then Seal followed by Blu. Tomorrow I'll use Pure, Titan & Blu on the backend.
Wheels & tyres done with M&K products too.

Emperor Wax

My first application of a Mitchell And King Luxury Wax. Applied to the entire car and left to cure for over an hour, removed with no issues. Gloss and reflections on 32 year old SOLID white paint, was epic!

A staple in my collection

I use rinseless washes since I dont have access to a water source and taking it to the local detailer for a proper wash when needed was getting costly. I read the description for Exile that piqued my curiosity. I used this on a small area on the front lower left fender where dirt and grime had built up because of the rain. Used it straight, let it sit for a min, and used pump sprayer pressure to rinse. Took my rinseless wash towel and did two swipes in the same area. Very little effort was used to remove the built up dirt and grime. Im beyond impressed so much that this has become a staple in my detailing arsenal. Exile is a winner!

Not bad at all!

Made a purchase for this kit because he glass on my car needed some work on it. To start off:

Flawless - pretty good polish for light to medium water spotting/staining. For the tougher areas i had to revert back to using some cerium oxide.

Clear - heavy duty glass cleaner that works really well. Use a bit much and it’ll streak. One to two spritz and spread, works like a charm.

Vision - Needs a little more oomph. Didnt change the surface feel much but during a brief rain, it performed as it should have displaying tight beading. Now i just use this as a topper to preserve my ceramic coated glass.

All in all, the applicators and towels are a nice touch to a well put together kit

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Perfect Dilution 28/400
Terence Cooper
Worthwhile purchase. No more guessing on mix

Easy to use, accurate measurements of my M&K fluids.
Bonus point- wife doesn't moan about strange tastes or aromas from the kitchen measuring jug.

It’s free

What can I say it’s free! Anything for free is a bonus, keep up the good work

if you can ...

I want a cloth or an applicator pad.
And the biscuits were melting in the box..


High gloss

Very easy wax to use, spreads very thinly.
Leave for minimum of 30 mins and buffed to a very glossy deep wet finish.

Great armor

Work fabulous leaves wheels shinning my customer love the looks thanks for. Super products

Lily best gloss

in case of gloss, this wax is best choice

Wax applicators

Brilliant applicators easy to use very comfortable to hold can give the car a great even spread

Trophy Kit
Very good quality gear :)

Five Liquid Kit

Very nice

For a tough day and hard stains

On a tough day to wash the car, finish quickly with citrus.