What is the best car wax 2020. The Truth.

which car wax is the best?

What is the best car wax and how do I choose it? 

My name is John and I've put my last 10 years into making some of the best waxes available. 

There are a few ways that you can choose your wax. You can look at protection as a practical element or you can look at the experience side, essentially the pleasure.

There are many ingredients and I've selected 3 waxes which cover the Three most common areas. 

Carnauba - This wax is blended with T1 Carnauba (the best quality) and is normally blended with other waxes as well as oils. 

Hybrid - This is similar to the Carnauba wax, however, we have added in synthetic ingredients. Normally to increase longevity or adherence. 

Luxury - Made from the best ingredients, natural oils, waxes and limited editions. 

I have picked 3 car waxes which are a great starting point. 

First we have RPM, our best selling wax of 2020. 

RPM is a Carnauba wax, which is excpetionally easy to use and is gentle on the pocket. 

Next we have Fortitude a synthetic wax, which has earned it's spot due to the sheer quality of the blend lasting finished. Expect 4-6 months from a coat. 

Finally, Lily, the very best car wax on offer. Using the best ingredients available and again blended in house to ensure the best quality. 

So whether you have £20 or £200 we have waxes to suit all budgets, you're sure to be impressed.