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super glossy car wax ferrari

Super Glossy Heavy duty car wax, boosted by natural silicone

Fortitude is a resilient wax, bridging the gap between super glossy finish and lasting protection. Offering you the look of a wax with the longevity of a polymer sealant. 

A brand new blend and our first ever Hybrid. An amalgamation of natural ingredients as well as some of the toughest polymers available.

Gloss, Nourishment and Depth

Fortitude affords the owner a super glossy finish, with excellent depth. The wax contains cosmetic ingredients which are renowned for their rejuvenating and nourishing qualities - ensuring that your car is well protected from the harsh environment.

We have included ingredients from The Philippines, Western Africa, Australia and Italy. A beautiful mix which sits perfectly alongside one another. Some of these ingredients have been in products since the time of the Greek philosophers, a nod to the alchemists that have lived before us.



Posted by Mitchell and King on Friday, February 19, 2016

Hybrid waxes certainly have a place in modern car care, they are ideally suited to a car which covers large miles, sits outside or for someone who really wants a glossy finish. You can play the video above.

Thanks to Darren for the photograph of his super glossy car!

Colour and Fragrance

Fortitude is a beautiful light blue colour, barely noticeable but very effective. Fortitude has a very pleasant and alluring smell of a rich cologne. Perfectly fitting as this wax is a long lasting gentleman ! 


Each wax plaque is personalised with your chosen name and the blend number. Such as, Glen Johnson 1 of 45.

We have only blended 45 Fortitude's for this year, our ethos has always been quality over quantity.

Fortitude was given 15 minutes to cure, but you can leave this much longer. The hybridisation process makes this a very flexible wax, I tested both long and short curing time - with the long edging it in the looks department.

Thoroughly Tested and Used By Professionals. 

Even thought this wax has only been released, it is testament to the quality of our products that a few of our Approved Detailers have already purchased Fortitude to add to their collection of M&K waxes. 

I personally test and develop each wax, they are utilised in real life scenarios. We have all been there, just applying the last panel and the heavens open, we test the ease of removal after 30 mins right through to an overnight standing. 

We test every wax, including Fortitude, in an outside environment and do not cover or garage the car during this period of testing. 

If you feel that you have left it on a little too long, simply take a very plush microfibre and spray the panel with QD to remove. Then re-apply the wax. 


Super Beading & Performance

Fortitude has some of the best water behavior within our range. As you can see from the image above it has great beads which is a sure sign of quality performance. I would expect this wax to offer protection for upto 6 months depending on the conditions and application. 3 layers, applied 24 hours apart would be the best option for maximum success. 

We have the following limited editions for this wax;


Options and Details Limited to 1 of 45

200ml Black Aluminium Jar (Only 1 available, no discount code applicable £399.00)

200ml Glass Jar £185.00 (Only 45 released)

100ml Jar £90 (Only 30 released)

You can also have this wax in a kit such as;


Touring Kit

Stelvio Kit

What's in the box 

For the 200ml wax, you get a timber box and a plaque with your name engraved and your blend number. 

For the 100ml wax it is delivered in safe packaging with a personalised label

For the Touring Kit you receive the aviation case, either a 200ml or 100ml wax, a SPA or QD. You can choose any 2 liquids you wish, just put it in the comments sections when you place your order.


As with all waxes at Mitchell and King, we will use the Interlink/DPD delivery network within Europe. DPD offer a 1 hour delivery window and those of you familiar with this, will agree that it is one of the most accurate and reliable couriers within the industry. If you have any specific questions please email and we will assist you. 

UPS for America and our new fully tracked service for the South Korea. 

Other countries will be either UPS or FedEx, so you can trust your wax is in safe hands. 

Each service is fully tracked and you will get an estimated time of delivery.

How To Order ; 

Simply select add to cart and follow our secure checkout or if you prefer we can receive orders via telephone & email 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Just finished using Fortitude on a BMW X6, and I have bought quite a few wax’s of John, and without doubt all his products are excellent, but fortitude is quite stunning, I also used Titan on the car prior to applying 2 coats of wax and the finish is like a mirror.

One of the best waxes ever used!

Very easy to apply, great gloss and water beading! A must-have wax for car owners!


Another excellent wax offering great protection and the gloss levels are truly amazing, when my pot runs out I will definitely be looking to purchase again.

Flake Popping & High Gloss

This wax goes on so easy,a little going a long way and as i've noticed with other M&K products it's not fussy,leave it a half hour an hour it still buffs quickly to a high gloss with the flake popping even on an overcast day !, buy and you won't be disappointed.

Highly Recommended

Due to the unique area fortitude is an awesome product this purchase was for a client to use following a full detail of there car with fortitude can't recommend it enough As with all Mitchell and king products


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