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Alloy Wheel Sealant

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Aviation Grade, High Temp. For The Ultimate Wheel Protection 

  • Protect your wheels in minutes
  • Contains ingredients specifically for high-temperature environments.
  • Exceptionally tough protection which is flexible and heat resistant
  • Fantastic water repellency
  • Wipe on and wipe off, as easy to use as our QD
  • Amazing Gloss Enhancement
  • Ultimate Protection For Your Wheels

Armour is a superb wheel protection system.

It simply sprays on, no hard buffing required.

Once applied to the wheels and exposed to oxygen the ingredients transform into a tough and resilient layer which instantly protects your wheels from high-temperature brake particles and road debris,

Perfect for all wheel types, this includes polished and painted wheels. 

Your wheels will stay cleaner for longer and will be much easier to clean. Plus you can use less abrasive methods to achieve a sparkling shine.

Armour protects your wheels for months and is effective against all types of road debris and winter salt. 

Apply at least one coat to start gaining the benefits from Armour.

Please note this item is not suitable for matte effect wheels.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Armour wheel sealant

This product is really easy to use, spray on and wipe off. It leaves the wheels looking super clean and definitely stops brake dust and road grime sticking on. I only have to clean the wheels now with car shampoo and not alloy wheel cleaner. Great product!


Great products👌

Now Available In A Spray

Used via a microfibre pad and applied to ALL wheels, allowing time for the product to cure and then buffed off. Easy on and very easy off. Excellent results.

Tough Armour

Applied to cleaned alloys wheels I wiped mine down with a panel wipe product first. Wheels were then dried with a blower. Sprayed on to wheel. Worked in using a microfiber pad. Buffed off with ease. Applied 2 coats with ease. Super slick and works a treat!


Super great product


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