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High-Quality Car Wax

Welcome to Mitchell and King, where we blend in-house, by hand, small batches of exceptionally high quality and luxurious car wax. If you are searching for a new car wax or wanting to add to your existing collection we believe you will find a car wax to suit your requirements. 

Each car wax is made in-house within the UK, we seek out the best performing ingredients so that we can offer you the best car wax for your needs. 

Professional detailers and enthusiasts seek out our products due to the high quality and performance, we are backed by many of the well-known detailers in the UK and overseas. 

We’ve combined intensive research and carefully applying our knowledge of ingredients to ensure you get the ultimate end product. Whether it be a high gloss finish for a classic car or a durable protector for a four-wheel drive, you’ll find our car waxes perform exceptionally. 

Easy to apply, and hosting a variety of benefits that nourish, protect and extend the life of your paintwork, our excellent car waxes are a pleasure to view and a pleasure to use.

We ship worldwide, each car wax includes full tracking information so that you know exactly where your wax is at any given time. 

Act quickly as some of our waxes are limited editions. 

If you require any assistance please 'phone 01877 365 033 and speak with John or email

Thank you, John

Carina - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Carina
Luxurious finish, rich and glossy
Starting at £17.50 GBP
Feliciana Car Wax - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Feliciana Car Wax
Super Beading, Metallic Paint Car Wax
Feliciana Car Wax
Starting at £17.50 GBP
Natalia - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Natalia
Rich Depth
Starting at £17.50 GBP
Inca - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Inca
Wet gloss
Starting at £74.99 GBP
Simone - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Simone
Chrome Reflections
Starting at £17.50 GBP
Vito - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Vito
Wetness & Depth Car Wax
Starting at £17.50 GBP
Turn Of The Century Nourishment & Gloss Enhancement
Starting at £39.99 GBP
Mason - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Mason
Car Wax For Black Cars
Starting at £39.99 GBP
Rosso - Mitchell and King Car Wax
 - 1Rosso
Car Wax For Red Cars
Starting at £21.00 GBP
Insane Beading
Starting at £39.99 GBP
car wax for white carsBlanc
Car Wax for White Cars
Starting at £39.99 GBP
Car Wax For Blue Cars
Starting at £39.99 GBP