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Clay Mitt

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The fastest way to Clay your car. 

When I was first involved in the Detailing Industry, clay barring a car was labour intensive and the chance of dropping the clay always prayed on your mind. 

Step forward, Sebring, our brand new clay wash mitt. 

Simply was your car, rinse down and then get two new buckets of water (one soapy and one clean water). Now wash your car, but this time using the Sebring. 

Must Read Hints; 

Typically you will need to correct the paint after you use Sebring

Use very light pressure 

Not recommended if you do not wish to correct your paint

Did I mention, this will cause marring...please do not use if you don't want to correct you paintwork after.


Customer Reviews

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Perfect clay cloth

Excellent quality,Much much better than one I bought for nearly same price off EBay that literally fell apart after less than half a dozen uses. 10/10 for this one.


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