Snow V2

Super Thick Snow Foam

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Snow Foam


Super Thick Reformulation

  • Wax Safe
  • Loosens contaminants
  • Highly concentrated
  • Good Longevity On Paintwork (increased softening of contaminants)
  • Perfect for Frequent Use
  • Essential for safe washing
  • 1:10 Ratio 

2017 Version Includes More Foam And Longer Dwell

Snow V2 is our reformulated snow foam. You wanted more foam and for it to last longer on the car. So we increased the thickness of the foam and also increase the dwell time.

Better Cleaning, Means A Safer Main Wash

In addition to this we also increased the amount of cleaning power, so now you can have an even safer wash than before ! We know you require the safest wash technique. So I made sure that our pre wash foam gently loosens dirt and dislodges the contaminants from the paintwork to allow for a safe wash stage. If you require a stronger product, please look at Exile- our super strength pre wash.

Every M&K Detailer Uses Snow
If you need proof of accreditation or testimonials, rest assured that every Mitchell and King Ambassador, retailer and detailer use Snow. It is used around the world from London, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong and Dubai in a variety of climates and water conditions. 
Hard Or Soft Water ? Snow Works
I know that hard water can be an unwelcomed side effect of living in a major city and can Thankfully Snow has so much foam enhancment properties that even in hard water areas you will still benefit from nice foam. 
Trusted Around The World, Why Don't You Try It ? 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Snow form

Absolutely cracking product never been big lover of the stuff but took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer M&K had on really good product (smells beautiful) Definitely recommend it and will definitely buy again. 5


Snow worked well, the gun supplied was adjustable and the Snow really shifted the Roadfilm..
Neil Wood

Motospeed Valeting, Windermere


Used through a foam lance this gave a nice creamy foam which held on for a good dwell time and produced a nice clean finish.


After ordering Snow, I have used it on a number of cars of various states of dirtiness & wow it helps get that road film off and makes the pre washing stage that much easier.

Clingy & Effective

A really great snow foam, effective, but still safe to LSP.

I used it at 9:1 (450ml water and 50ml snow foam), it produced a lovely blanket of foam, but not too thick, it still allows the foam to run down the panel as it's working.

I allowed about 8 minutes of dwell, and then pressure washed it off to reveal almost an entirely clean vehicle that then needed minimal effort with contact washing.

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