Pre Wax Cleaner

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Pre Wax Cleaner

The Key to Maximising Gloss and Rejuvenating Dull Paintwork

Applied my pure yesterday by DA prior to applying my fortitude. Have to say I was blown away by the finish and for me it is without doubt the best pre wax cleaner I've used. The gloss it left was unbelievable ! - wd40 (detailingworld)

Pure is EPIC! Simple as that. I have never used something so easy to use which produces such a beautiful shine and unbelievable slickness - I have never used a product that provides this level of almost frictionless smoothness. - fethead (detailingworld) 


  • 250ml/500ml/1L

  • Rejuvenates paint

  • Maximises Paintwork Gloss

  • Removes Old Wax

  • Gently Cleans Light Oxidisation

  • Exceptionally Easy To Remove

  • Enhances Vibrancy Of Colour

  • Enhances Clarity

  • Gently Lifts And Breaks Down Baked Contaminants

  • No Harsh Abrasives

  • Choice Of Professionals

  • No Dusting

  • Maximises Gloss and Reflectivity

  • Promotes Bonding

  • No Mess Pump Dispenser

  • Developed In Co-Ordination With Our Luxury Wax

  • Utilised On Many Super car and Classic Cars


We have won a loyal following due to our reputation of blending some of the most exceptional car care products and our pre wax cleaner is true to this rule. Pure is a crucial step in paint preparation and is the secret of many show car enthusiasts. Irresistible gloss and reflectivity can only be maximised by truly clean paintwork.


Our pre wax cleaner is an active deep cleanser which dislodges stubborn grime that can’t be removed with general washing or claying. Pure can be applied by a foam applicator pad or low speed (1-2) dual-action polisher.


Your car is open to an array of damaging components, which if left untreated can cause a multitude of paint defects. Common examples of these components include, road tar, industrial fallout, pollen and tree sap.


Pure is the result of a quality you have come to expect from Mitchell and King. It provides deep cleansing of the uneven surface of your vehicles paintwork which is not visible to the naked eye. These areas are not cleansed effectively by normal washing and decontaminating. Leaving these contaminants in situ could mean you are rubbing these contaminants into your paintwork when applying the wax.


Our pre wax cleaner is expertly engineered to remove stubborn grime which has been baked on by the sun, our pre wax cleaner will gently and safely clean the surface of the paint ready for the application of your luxury Mitchell and King car wax.


Our pre wax cleaner was hand-crafted to rigorous standards to promote the bonding process and ensures the surface is clean and free of contaminants which not only enhances the level of gloss and clarity it also provides the perfect surface for your Mitchell and King wax.


Regular use of Pure will enhance gloss, clarity and the longevity of your paint without the use of harsh abrasives. This is because the more frequent you use Pure the less chance the aforementioned contaminants have of negatively affecting your paint finish. Essentially, instead of the wax bonding to the paint, it will be bonding to the contaminants.


Pure is utilised by each of our professional detailers on a daily basis and they feel it is irreplaceable, this is due to our commitment to excellence and pursuit of perfection.


We feel Pure is one of the optimum pre wax cleaners available today, by utilising advanced chemical compositions and easy application methods we really do believe this makes for a phenomenal creation.


Once you have applied Pure, simply wipe down with a paint ready IPA to ensure that all the polishing oils are removed in order to present a clean surface. 


However, if your paintwork has a few defects such as marring, ignore the IPA and go straight to wax. This will help retain some of the masking properties. 



As you can see we take car care seriously, this is why we are trusted by some of the most honourable names within the automotive industry. Begin your wonderful and luxurious journey with Mitchell and King today, click above to purchase Pure and maximise your paintwork.


Should you have any questions, we are available when you require. +44 1877 365 005



"Personalisation label is Clear and not Black"


Read the review below ; 


Used M&K Pure today for the first time and WOW! awesome product

I have never used something so easy to use which produces such a beautiful shine and unbelievable slickness - I have never used a product that provides this level of almost frictionless smoothness.

Here is Pure on a white 5 series BMW I did today. This paint work was polished 2 months ago, but has severe RDS and swirls which remain.

Application was via DA on speed 2 with occasional 4 to test it out at higher speeds. A single coat of Waxaddict Fo'show spray wax was applied without any IPA wipe-down.

I and the owner are well impressed by the results. Sorry for the poor pics.

Below is my favourite

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Customer Reviews

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Good delivery~

I was ordered first time in this site.
First of all, I was happy because very fast and kind reply about shipping information.

Another one is performance of product.
I think Pure is best of paint cleanser.
No need power and no need stresses.


Crazy gloss when used as directed....

Pure magic

Fantastic product and a great to use. Little goes a long way.


Far out the best pre-wax cleaner i have ever used. Its so easy to apply and remove! The looks and feel after are amazing. Gloss and smoothness like never before.

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