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Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner

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Heavy Duty Car Glass Cleaner

Introducing our brand new luxurious, hand poured car glass cleaner, Clear. Your glass cleaner has a high quality cleaning ability which ensures that your glass is crystal clear. No streaking or smearing. Perfect results everytime. 

Your car glass cleaner is currently utilised by classic car enthusiasts due to its exceptionally safe ingredient list.

To apply your automotive glass cleaner, simply spritz a clean microfiber cloth and apply to your screen or glass, then buff to a smear free, crystal clear finish.

Clear is a safe yet tough glass cleaner. With the ability to tackle tobacco and traffic films with relative ease. Possibly one of the most important areas of navigating is having clear vision. The additional long term benfits of perfectly clean glass is a reduction in fogging and general grime build-up.

A specific glass cleaner is simple to include into your wash routine and is a better option than washing your screen with traditional PH Neutral Shampoo, as shampoo is designed to protect your wax coating so it may be too gentle on stubborn bug splatter.

We recommend using Clear after you detail your car as it will help to reduce 

As you can see we take car care seriously, this is why we are trusted by some of the most honourable names within the automotive industry. Begin your wonderful and luxurious journey with Mitchell and King today, click above to purchase CLEAR, we will then begin your very own bespoke blend.


"Personalisation label is Clear and not Black"

Quick Read

    • 1Litre
    • Smear free finish
    • Low Ammonia 
    • Anti Bacterial
    • Highly Concentrated 
    • Suitable for Exterior and Interior Use 
    • Easy To Use Pump Spray 

    Technical Specification

    Dilute 50/50 

    Personalised Label

    Available upto 5 Litres 

    Spray On, Buff Off

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    A clear winner

    Easy to use, excellent results. A quality product.

    I can see clearly now...

    Due to poor weather, this was used on my home windows along with Vision and Flawless.
    Very easy to use, fantastic results and no streaks.

    I congratulate myself on another excellent purchase :)

    Streak Free Glass

    I’ve always hated cleaning glass as no matter what I do I seem to get streaks! That is until I used Clear! A product that is easy to use that flashes off quickly leaving a great streak free finish. It can even be diluted down so great value for money too.


    Excellent glass cleaner , applies easily, short dwell time and just buff off for a really nice finish.
    Great on its own or even better as a precursor to Flawless and Vision .
    More great products from Mitchell and King.

    Crystal Clear

    This glass cleaner is excellent and leaves no residue

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