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Citrus Pre Wash Cleaner

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Gentle on wax, tough on grime. 

  • 1000ml or Pro 5000ml Size 
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Eco Friendly
  • Dilutes to 9:1 ! 
  • Strips the grime, before washing. 
  • Super safe on all coatings. 
  • Does not attack wax. 

A pre-wash, is an important step of any cleaning that you'll do with the paintwork. 

Pre-washing, involves allowing a product to sit on the top layer of grime in an effort to soften it and finally remove it, without the use of heavy-duty solvents, which can impact dry or even damage paint and wax in the long term.  

Removing the worst of the dirt makes sense, the grime and dirt can hide tiny bits of grit and other particles which can be easily removed but can do quite a bit of damage to your paint. 

One of the most common scratches you will find on a car is "marring" more commonly known as Wash Marring, and it's exactly what we've just explained. Paintwork which still has dirt and grime which them transfers to your wash and mitt and worst of all your wash bucket.  

Citrus is a highly concentrated product which can be used at 1:2 for heavy soiling and upto 1:9 for lighter stuff. 

Simply spray Citrus onto dry bodywork and allow it to sit for a few moments before using your pressure washer or high-pressure hose to rinse. 

This pre-wash step hugely decreases the chance of you scratching your paint and is completely touchless. Citrus will also keep your mitt and wash water cleaner due to less dirt and grime reaching your bucket. 

A very simple step which ensures the safest wash you'll have, keeping your paint looking great for longer.


Customer Reviews

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First time I have purchased M&K APC, and was very impressed did a great job

Fit for purpose

Citrus really does cut through road grime and leaves the surface with less damaging particles, so making washing with a wash mit less likely to mark the clear coat. I have found that a dilution ratio of 9 to 1 works well on a car that is driven daily, highly recommended


Ideal for heavy dirt.


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