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Life | 1 of 6

Clarity, Gloss and Shine

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  • 200ml Wax 
  • Luxury Garden Mint Fragrance
  • Only 1 available
  • Great High Gloss With Lovely Wetness
  • c4/6 months Protection
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Each Wax Has Your Number & Name On The Plaque 
  • Made In Scotland
  • Hand-Made By Mitchell & King

Limited edition car wax for Easter!! 

1 of 1, Life. Captures what we look for in a wax at this time of year.


Each wax label is personalised with your chosen name and the blend number. Such as, Glen Johnson 1 of 1.

Life is one of the easiest waxes to apply and remove that we have ever made, I allowed 15 minutes to cure, but it would have came off much earlier than this.

As the weather warms, you can remove this faster.

The Easiest Wax To Apply

Life is our Easter wax. A fantastic wax for lots of gloss and beading, with the added benefit of ease of application.

We have the following limited editions for this wax;

Limited to 1 of 1

You can also have this wax in a kit such as;


Touring Kit

Stelvio Kit


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Life - Sprung the Spring

Initial impression of this wax, in an attractive jar with the acrylic drop label, was very favorable.
The application to date from using Life, is its the one that has slid off the applicator the easiest, of the M&K waxes I've used. Furthermore, the drying wet wax on the paint, lasted there for a long time while in the sun.
The warm air may of been more moist as this wax took its time to dry down. Life's nature seems more wet out of the jar, and surprise, more fun to have used.


Life wax is fantastic easy to apply and a deep wet gloss. It's very slick to the touch looks amazing on a black car.


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