Next Generation Car Wax

The next generation of Car Wax.

  • UV Stable, Enzyme and Structure Protecting, AirTight Specialist Jar 
  • 50ml and 175ml 
  • Brand New Carrier Oil 
  • Staggering Results
  • Available in Three varieties
  • 3 Complimentary 250ml Liquids. Cloak, Pure & SPA (when orders are processed without discount codes) Otherwise, you obtain the ITB liquid(s) 

Caledonia is our brand new super luxurious collection. Consisting of Three very different and groundbreaking blends, welcome to the next generation of car wax.

Firstly, we have our super, heavy duty but easy curing car wax. This car wax is made from the finest natural ingredients, including ingredients imported from the Pacific region. A truly international blend, once you have used this wax you will be bowled over by the results, this is a blend like no other due to its unique carrier oil. This heavy duty wax offers you unparalleled protection, thick gloss and tremendous unmatched beading. It will really make your paint stand out.

Next, we have our first luxurious Metallic blend. Specifically designed to give you the highest clarity that we have ever produced. Focusing on exceptionally thin and clear oils, this wax provides a staggering gloss with perfect presentation of metallic flake. Made from the highest quality oils and waxes, hand chosen ingredients and individually blended, this is the epitome of luxury and Science. If you have a metallic car, this is the best option for your paint. 

Finally, our rejuvenating and masking wax. Like nothing we have ever blended, this wax is the optimum choice for dry, marred paint. It is based on a selection of scientifically proven nourishing and rejuvenating oils. We brought our years of blending knowledge together to ensure the best result. This wax gives you a deep intense gloss, it makes paint feel less dry and offers you great clarity. Get the luxury Carnauba wax finish and team it with rejuvenation - the perfect marriage for your paint.

Each wax is in a scientific grade glass jar, which is imported from Sweden. This glass, is the only one of its type in the world which significantly improves the stability of any smell, colour, enzyme and structure. Since 2008 these jars have broken every known boundary and offer substantial gains over "normal" and "pharmaceutical" jars. 

Each wax is carefully packed and fully insured, we use trusted couriers such as UPS, FedEx and TNT to carry out our deliveries. 

Simply place your order today through the website and we will ensure your fresh blend is ready to go.

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New Wax, great stuff!!

As all waxes from M&K, New CALEDONIA IS WOW!!!


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