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Philip V2 now available. Improved Beading, Application and Longevity

Only 20 Produced Per Year. Individually Numbered Complete With Display Plaque

Philip is one of the longest standing car waxes within our range and secures a well earned spot within our heritage blend collection. Heritage blends are our original waxes we started with. They will have been tweaked and developed over the years but they remain true to their original brief.

Philip offers some of the most desirable aesthetics; a glass like reflection, fantastic clarity, ocean like depth, a chrome shimmer, sharp reflections with the addition of very tight water beading - summing up most enthusiasts dream of a luxury car wax.

When you purchase Philip you own a part of our history, originally Philip was a wax that I designed for my metallic black paint. I wanted something very reflective with maximum flake. As the years passed we wanted to eliminate petrochemicals from Philip and V2 is a wholly natural blend without the use of any petrochemicals or man-made materials, Philip V2 is all-natural.

Philip perfectly compliments any modern paintwork, if you watch the short video above you can see just how easy it is to apply and the huge reward of using a car wax with such a strong history. Philip offers a high level of Carnauba which can provide a mirror-like reflection. We also used natural oils and other cosmetic grades, natural ingredients to achieve the astonishing finish.

Philip is a very light wax to apply, by this I mean, the wax spreads very easily, I would liken it to silk - just as soft and with low friction. If you have ever wondered what a luxury car wax should feel like, Philip is the perfect starting point.

Philip is compatible with all paint types and provides an equal finish on both Metallic and Non-Metallic colours. Philip cannot be used on a Matte finish.

Philip’s characteristics are; a glass-like reflection, fantastic clarity, ocean-like depth, a chrome shimmer, sharp reflections with the addition of very tight water beading - summing up most enthusiasts dream of paint protection.

Your blend is displayed with a numbered brass plaque, which you will require when requesting a refill (£165.00). Your luxury Black Glass jar is displayed within a tough Aviation case

Quick Read

    High T1 Content 60%

    Sharp Reflections

    Rich, Elegant Fragrance

    Individually Poured and Numbered

    50% Refill cost (£165.00)

    Silky smooth application

    Great beading and Fast Sheeting



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Never produced a bad product

Just used this wax today, and the results are stunning
For 15 years I only used Zymol wax, but since I discovered
Mitchell & King I have never had a bad product off them yet
And this latest wax is superb.

Ronald Bethune

This wax is off the hook by it. Clarity second to none.


Philip is an impressive wax all round John.


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