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Winter Car Wax

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Long Lasting Winter Car Wax

Only 35 Produced Per Year. Individually Numbered Complete With Display Plaque...Look at that GLOSS !

Armour is a long lasting car wax for winter which uses an innovative formula. Mitchell and King have captured the use of a very hard wearing ingredient which withstands our harsh winters.

Presenting our winter car wax, best suited to cars which are used on a daily basis, whether you are a city dweller or country resident, Armour will protect your car for more than 4 months.

Created for a customer whose vehicle was subject to the German Autobahn, where debris can pummel the car at a staggering 130km/h.

As expected your winter car wax will withstand heavy rainfall, and the protection levels are highly unique for natural carnauba wax. Armour is ideally suited to vehicles which are utilised on a regular basis and for those who have limited use to a Garage.

Armour has been utilised by private charter airlines, track users and is the only wax utilised on a private estate within central Scotland.

Armour takes much of its influence from the luxury cosmetic boutiques, offering resilient protection against airborne contaminants and offering protection against damaging UV rays.

Many of our clients use Armour as a base coat during winter which will allow you to utilise your luxury wax throughout winter. The additional benefit of our innovative blend is the ability to hydrate dry and dull paintwork, an after affect of road salt and harsh winters.

This wax is designed to protect your paintwork for longer, however, there isn’t the usual trade off between looks and protection. Armour contains T1 premium carnauba, which can increase gloss and add warmth to most paint types, our additional ingredient locks in the look of T1 and boosts the longevity.

Current users of Armour have reported sublime gloss and tight, uniform beading.

  • Black Glass Jar (200ml)
  • Refills at 50%
  • 200ml
  • Refills are 200ml for £150.00
  • Utilises ingredients which extend protection
  • Easy on/off


Customer Reviews

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Armour V 3

Just as promised! I love the products!!


When opening the flight case and seeing the aluminum jar, you know this wax is special. I recently applied it to my father's Infiniti and the results were staggering. Armour applies very easily and leaves a stunning finish.

Carl Phillips

Really nice to use and looks great


I had my first chance to use Armour the other day on my Phaeton. Given the weather and levels of salt on the road I decided on something quite hard wearing. It was extremely easy to apply with a foam applicator pad and was left on the vehicle for approximately 10 minutes to cure. After that time it removed very easily (much easier than other carnauba based waxes I've used) and left an extremely smooth and glass like feel to the paintwork which had been clayed prior to application. From experience I've known carnauba to mute the effects of metallic paint however Armour seemed to really make the metallic flake sparkle when hit by the sun. It also offered a very glossy look to the paint which looked fantastic in the sun as well as at night with all the lights shining on it. After days of rain since application it's clear that Armour offers very tight and uniform beading and after driving it to work in the rain I was pleased to see that the car was bone dry after the journey as all of the water had simply blown off. My usual "go to" carnauba wax is Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio V2 which offers extreme ease of use and great reflectivity however falls miles short of Armour in relation to durability and hydrophobic quality. Armour offered outstanding protection whilst still providing the paint with a wet gloss look and was just as easy to use as Celeste. All in all it has been a pleasure using Armour offering the best of everything. And the fantastic scent is definitely worth a mention.

I thought I'd let you know what a pleasure it was to have used another M&K product. I've also attached a photo of my Armour as I was overwhelmed by the packaging and jar in which it was contained.

Thanks again
Euan Steel


Totally love the Armour. Spreads forever and was so beautifully buttery in consistency. Unlike anything else I've ever used.


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