Extreme Gloss & Shine

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The finest, most nourishing and possibly glossiest wax in the core range


  • 200ml Presented In A Hand Signed & Dated, Metallic Gold Jar
  • Complimentary Sampler Kit When You Spend Over £100!!
  • Extreme Gloss & Shine
  • Blended From Raw Cacao
  • Easy On/Off
  • 4+ Months Longevity
  • Highly Nourishing Promotes High Gloss
  • Can Be Applied To Whole Car Or Panel By Panel

Opulence is a silky smooth wax - everything you would expect from a wax blended which uses ingredients from the world's most luxurious holiday destination - The Caribbean.  

Opulence is sheer luxury from ingredients to the final finish. Once you open the jar and smell the luxurious Chocolate, you then go on and experience the silky smooth, hydrating nature of the wax. It is so easy to apply thin layers and it a breeze to remove. 

The final finish is staggering; rich, wet gloss. 

As you know we blend wax for some of the most fantastic cars in the world, this wax is also used by our Approved Detailers around the world who care for some of the most notable cars to grace our roads. You can rest assured that you are in an extremely good company when using our waxes.

We know that your car is very important to you, as it is to ourselves, we wanted to blend a car wax which was worthy of the show car title whilst offering you protection on your way to the event. 

We are always delighted to hear from new or existing clients. You can contact Mitchell and King on 01877 365 005 or you can simply email too.

We accept all payment methods including American Express, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Cheque.

You will receive a M&K welcome pack when you spend over £100.00, this included a M&K mug, a 15ml sample of wax, a 50ml liquid sample and Tunnocks Biscuits, M&K window sticker and Limited Edition Mitchell and King Mug!

    1. Spritz Microfibre applicator with Quick Detailer

    2. Apply wax to one side of microfibre pad only

    3. Apply thin layers and work a small panel at a time, make sure pad is flat to panel

    4. Take a deep pile Microfibre 800 gsm and spritz with Quick Detailer 

    5. You can buy the Mitchell and King Microfibre here ; https://www.mitchellandking.com/collections/car-detailing-accessories/products/grande
    6. Gently buff the excess wax

    7. Allow the thin layer of wax to cure

    8. Take a fresh Grande (can be purchased on our store here) Microfibre 800gsm , spritz with Quick Detailer and buff to high shine.

    This wax is different to Elegance which is our Concours car wax. Concour events are typically only held over a few days and cars are not normally subject to the same degree of driving or exposure as a Show Car. Thus Elegance only focuses on aesthetics, it offers the softest gloss which is very much in demand at a Concours event, additionally you can have Elegance refilled for 50% of the Investment Cost. Show Car Wax will provide superb gloss whilst offering the protection which you may require on your way to the event or if the vehicle is outside for a longer period of time. Another high gloss wax which you may wish to consider is Montgomery, again a different animal due to the complex and lengthy list of luxurious ingredients. Montgomery using only natural ingredients with the added benefits of longer protection. Not to mention it's highly exclusive production presentation.


    ** Kit images are for reference. The jar will be gold and the liquids will be white with our black label to match Opulence **


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    Good Enough To Eat

    The first thing you notice on opening this wax is the sweet chocolate aroma. As with all M&K waxes it’s a pleasure to use and leaves paintwork exceptionally glossy.

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