Fortitude 50ml

Durable Wax

Thanks to Darren for the photograph of his super glossy car!

Durable Winter Car Wax

  • 50ml
  • Cologne Fragrance
  • Excellent durability 6/8 Months
  • Daily Driver/Winter Car Wax
  • Natural blend, no harsh chemicals
  • Safe on all paint types (not suitable for matte)
  • Blended In House By Mitchell and King
  • Used By Professional Detailers To Protect Their Clients' Cars

Fortitude is handmade, in-house using our knowledge and equipment. 

Keep You Car Protected This Winter

Your car is one of your most prized possessions, with that in mind it would be a great idea to keep the paintwork in the best condition possible. 

Ensuring your paintwork is properly protected through Winter will greatly reduce the wear and tear which increases during the colder seasons due to the abrasive road salts and an increase in contaminants.

Powerful Natural Ingredients

Fortitude is blended from natural ingredients that are built to withstand the elements and shrugs off harsh weather with ease. 

Are you searching for a great, durable Winter Car Wax? Do you need something which is resilient and will take you through winter? 

Fortitude is an exceptionally good car wax for daily drivers and the winter months. 

Our Ethos: Quality Not Quantity

Our main focus has always been quality, not quantity. As you can tell we take car care seriously and we only offer you the finest creations. We blend every creation by hand within our Artisan facility. We make use of many tropical and rare ingredients alongside Carnauba Wax, which comes directly from the northern region of Brazil. At this point, it is important to mention that all of our ingredients are fair trade, organic and natural – where possible.

Personal Service

Along with your enclosure, you will receive a personalised welcome letter, certificate and usage instructions, along with John's personal telephone number should you wish to discuss any application or removal techniques.


Every wax is individually packaged with ample padding to ensure no matter where you are in the world your delivery arrives safely. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fortitude in Cornwall

Due to the unique area fortitude is an awesome product this purchase was for a client to use following a full detail of there car with fortitude can’tt recommending it enough As with alll Mitchell and king products

First M&K wax,and it won't be my last !

This wax goes on so easy,a little going a long way and as i've noticed with other M&K products it's not fussy,leave it an half hour an hour it still buffs quickly to a high gloss with the flake popping even on an overcast day !,buy and you won't be disappointed.

Winter Wax for all Seasons

Yet another fantastic wax that's a pleasure to use.
Although aimed at winter use this wax leaves the car looking so good you'll be wanting to use it all year round.
As per all of the Mitchell and King waxes I own Fortitude is a pleasure to work with. Easy application and nice and easy to remove with minimum effort.
A lovely deep glossy finish with added advantage of durability.

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